In some cases, you don’t really need to see a doctor after a car accident in Miami. This is mainly because some car accidents in Miami aren’t severe enough to actually call a doctor and can be solved through your insurance policy. But this is not always the case.

Injuries as a result of a Miami car accident can be devastating, stressful, and overwhelming. As if the stress of dealing with the legal procedure after a car accident wasn’t enough, the injury can add additional stress and complications. If you got injured after a car accident in Miami and seem to not be able to find any sort of stability in relation to your injuries, these simple questions might provide you some critical answers:

1. What Are The Extent Of My Injuries

Knowing how bad your injuries are, or how bad they can get is an important step in the recovery process. Although it won’t be 100% accurate, your doctor can give you a close-as-possible estimate of the extent of your injuries. Your doctor can tell you exactly what got broken, damaged, lacerated, etc and can give you an estimate as to how serious the damages actually are. 

2. How Long Will It Take For Me To Recover?

This question doesn’t really have a solid answer. Your doctor can give you an accurate ballpark estimate on how long it will take you to recover from the car accident injuries that you suffered, but recovery will depend on the individual and is different between individuals. Your doctor is not a fortune teller, so it is really hard for your doctor to give you an end date to all your surgery and treatment. Sometimes, in the middle of recovering, you may be recommended more treatment because the injury got more severe. In that case, you may be given an extended time for recovery. In the end, the doctor can tell you that it will take a few weeks, or a few months. 

3. Should I Take Time Off To Recover From My Injuries?

This depends on how severely you were injured and the nature of your job. Although you COULD come to your own conclusion on whether you should go back to your job while injured, the doctor will know best. Most severe injuries require you to rest both physically and mentally. Whether you want to do both is up to you and your judgement in the end, but getting a doctor’s note and having proof that your injuries are to that extent is always good.

4. Should I Take Prescription OR OTC Medication?

This is another important question. Depending on how severely you were injured, you may need medication to ease the pain and to accelerate the healing process. It is always a terrible idea to think that you can just self-diagnose and decide that you will take pain killers just because it hurts. It may not only hurt your case, but it can also hurt you.

5. Would I Have To Go To A Specialist

Your doctor will tell you if you finally need the help of a specialist. Injuries like spinal and cervical will require surgery and a specialist to properly and accurately diagnose so that you don’t suffer later from a misdiagnosis. Make sure to ask your doctor if they haven’t told you already and to confirm that it is necessary to go to a specialist. 

Contacting a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami for Questions After an Injury

The consequences after a car accident in Miami can be devastating, and with devastating injuries there can be heavy and costly medical bills. 

If the car accident seems to have been the result of negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

Personal injuries from a car accident in Miami that was a result of negligence of another driver can have you entitled to financial compensation.

You should never have to pay for the negligence of someone else.

Negligence is when the other driver doesn’t uphold their duty of keeping the roads safe. This can be something like texting and driving, calling while driving, or even changing the music while you are driving. 

If you are a victim of a car accident caused by negligence in Miami, getting in contact with a personal injury lawyer in Miami might be your best bet. 

A personal injury lawyer in Miami from our team will assist you by starting off with a free consultation. From that free consultation, we will determine how to help you and immediately start gathering evidence like medical bills and photos to build you a strong case for financial compensation. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win. 


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