5 Simple Steps to Follow After a Miami Car Accident

What Do I Do After a Miami Car Accident?


13 Steps to a Strong Personal Injury Case

Want to build a strong case and earn the best possible compensation for your car accident? A strong personal injury case starts as soon as the accident ends. When you find yourself in the aftermath of a car accident, follow these steps. 


  1. Call 911. It is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of everyone involved. However, never admit fault about the accident. Anything that goes alone the lines of “I’m sorry”, “It was my fault”, “I wasn’t looking”, etc. These are ALL words that admit fault. Instead, the best thing to do is to simply give the details and nothing else. 
  2. Make sure you are ok. Your health is and should be your priority. Check up on yourself and ensure that you are okay. Check for blood, broken bones, pain, and make sure that there is nothing wrong with you. Whether you are injured or not, get off the main road and get to safety. 
  3. Get evidence of the car accident in Miami. Take as many pictures of the damage as you can. Taking pictures of the property damage from both you and the other person is important. Further down the line, when you are talking to the insurance companies, you will need to provide proof that you ACTUALLY got injured. 
  4. Take pictures of your injuries, if possible. Your injuries are just as, if not, more important than the damage of the property. Although property damage can be financially compensated easily through a body shop, bodily injury (even with proof and photos) is the most complicated part of the compensation.
  5. Speak with police and get a police report. Ask for a copy of your statement, and note if you are not given one. Getting your police report (especially when you are not at fault) is a key step in getting your financial compensation. When getting your financial compensation, the insurance adjusters will ask for a police report. This is why it is important.
  6. Save any physical evidence, like photos and statements. Make sure that you keep the photos and statements for later use, until the case is over. While the case is still ongoing, any sort of photos and statements can be used for or against your case. 
  7. Avoid saying anything to the other party involved. For instance, never say “I’m sorry!” This can be considered an admission of guilt. Although it may sound messed up, this is a serious reality. Just saying “I’m sorry” can ruin your case.
  8. Do not speak with your insurance company. Unless you are treated for your injuries. Sometimes, they will try to contact you while you are still at the hospital! Not only does this disrupt the flow of treatment for you, it adds unnecessary stress. The insurance adjusters will constantly bombard you with calls and and offers to get rid of the claim. 
  9. Follow your doctor’s orders. Even if you feel fine, follow the prescribed treatment given by your physician. You may feel fine now, but that may not be the case in a few days, weeks, or months. The last thing you want is the case to be over, and then a few weeks later have the same pain come back up and bother you when the case is over and you are SUPPOSED to be healed. 
  10. Save your medical bills from the accident. You may have many bills come in, as any medical treatment may be given by a separate provider. Many people do not realize that the ambulance, EMTs, doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologist, and more are all on separate tabs.
  11. Keep a journal of how you feel after the accident, as some injuries are not visible. Document any feelings of depression or anxiety. Also, document any internal pain you may be experiencing.
  12. Keep everything organized. Get a file folder or binder for everything related to your accident and keep it in one place.
  13. Follow the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations dictates the amount of time you have after an accident to settle your case. If you want compensation for your accident, you must begin the process within that time frame. Otherwise, you will be ineligible for compensation. In Florida, this time frame is four years from your accident.

By following these steps, you have all the evidence behind you. Your case will feel less daunting and you will have more peace of mind. You will be ready to take on the next part of the personal injury case process- the insurance companies.

Should I Call 411 Pain or a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami?

Everyone has seen 411 Pain. The signs are all over Miami, on the public transportation like buses and trains, and even on some YouTube and FaceBook ads. So this brings the question, should I actually call 411 Pain after a car accident in Miami?

This depends on the kind of research you do for your injury. Some injuries may not require too much attention, while some may require emergency services and the full 9 yards to get your life back to regular condition. Since every injury is unique to every individual and how they assess pain, it is imperative and of utmost importance that you do your own due diligence and find out what is best for you.

Although you may see all the advertisements (whether it’s on the internet or on billboards) about how great one lawyer is, or how this lawyer is #1 in South Florida, make sure you do your own research and come to the conclusion on your own. Just because a firm can spend a large amount of money on advertisements doesn’t mean that they are actually a good fit for you. The advertisements just mean that they have lots of money, it doesn’t always guarantee great service for you. The best way to get as close to the best service as possible is to look for these things online for a firm:

  • Experience
  • Google Reviews
  • Friends and Family
  • Associations with Professionals
  • Website

Looking through these characteristics and making sure that these are on point is the best way to find the service that you need for you. Make sure that there are no dirty under-the-table tactics like soliciting or “running”. These are people that are meant to “run into you by accident” and offer you a service that is connected to the lawyer you are associated with. For example, if you are in contact with X Law Firm and suddenly you get approached by another doctor or lawyer on that same day, it is not a coincidence. There is a great chance that they have been notified by X Law Firm and now they are trying to be at your service to make money off you. Although it seems like something out of a movie, this is actually quite a common practice.

With all this said, the decision is all in your hands and how you feel about the attorneys. Although the lawyers can have the best resume, experience, team, and history, if you don’t get a good feeling from the lawyer for whatever reason, it is fine to choose a different lawyer. A different lawyer can still have similar experience and provide you even better service. You must be able to trust the attorney, lawyer, or doctor that will be serving you since your health is what is on the line. When you go in for that consultation, it may be one of the most important decisions and steps for getting your money back. Once you choose a lawyer or doctor, you will be stuck with this professional for the rest of the case until it’s over OR until you decide to drop them because of the inept and poor service. Don’t go through the stress of changing lawyers or having to deal with bad service throughout the duration of your case. Your case can go for as long as you are injured. It can go even longer if the settlement amount is being disputed.

Pick the right car accident lawyer in Miami. At Accident Lawyer MIA, we only do our best for our people and make sure that not only are you returned to full health, but also financially compensated for the injuries that were caused by the negligence of another party. Call Jimmy or our team today at 305-680-5161 for a free consultation to discuss your injuries and a plan and steps moving forward.

Injured in a Car Accident in Miami?

Call a Miami car accident lawyer for free consultation on the next steps to deal with your injury and financial compensation.

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What Have I Lost After a Car Accident in Miami?

A lot changes after a car accident in Miami. For instance, your car may be completely totaled. The bill for these damages may total more than you make in a month. Now, you have no way to ride to work, and no way to earn your paycheck. So, you begin to feel your job is at risk. This can result in the loss of wages and also property damage. You are suffering two losses simultaneously.  

Additionally, you or a loved one may have suffered an injury from a car accident in Miami. These injuries may hinder you or your loved one from performing adequately at your job and lead to further lost wages. Some common car accident injuries include: 

  • Bumps and bruises. The most common car accident injuries, bumps and bruises may seem harmless. However, they may hide even bigger injuries under the surface. 
  • Broken bones. When a car crushes another car, it may crush or break bones as well. Car accident victims commonly break many bones, not just in one place. These injuries may take several months to heal. 
  • Torn ligaments. Often together with broken bones, torn ligaments usually require reconstructive surgery. These surgeries are often expensive and complex.
  • Burn injuries. Burn injuries are very common in car accidents whenever a fire ignites. However, even when a fire is not present during an accident, burn injuries can occur. Victims may come in contact with hot metal or spilled corrosive chemicals. Depending on the amount of time the victim was in contact with the substance, these can cause first, second, third and fourth degree burns. 
  • Whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the head is thrown forward by an outside force. This can cause moderate to severe damage of the neck, spine, spinal cord, head, and brain. Whiplash injuries can cause extreme pain and sometimes lead to death. 
  • Silent internal killers. Internal organs may be damaged without showing any outward signs. The speed of the accident may cause organs to be thrust out of position, causing internal bleeding and other complications. 
  • Spinal injuries. Spinal injuries are among the most terrifying of car accident injuries. These injuries can completely change the victim’s life. A victim may lose feeling and function below the waist or neck, depending on where the injury occurred. Considered one of the most devastating consequences of a car accident, it truly is one of the worst accidents to result. 
  • Brain injuries. Any trauma to the head has the potential to cause brain injury. Smaller injuries, like concussions, are very common in car accidents. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can cause the victim to endure change of personality. Sometimes, the victim may lose functionality of the body. This may cause a complete lifestyle change, where the victim is no longer able to be independent.

These are just the injuries that can occur to you. If these injuries are left untreated or are too severe, they can result in wrongful death if the other party was driving irresponsibly or was being negligent. Wrongful death happens when a victim is killed due to the recklessness or negligence of another. In these cases, the family must pick up the pieces. Ultimately, many families lose a loved one and a source of income, all due to another person’s poor decisions. 

How Can I Bounce Back After a Car Accident in Miami?

When faced with the repercussions of a car accident in Miami, you may feel overwhelmed. However, there are a few ways that you can bounce back after a car accident3 to earn financial compensation. First, ensure that you have a strong case by following the steps above. Next, make the right decisions with your insurance company. Don’t ever rush the process of getting your financial compensation. Remember that the statute of limitations for any car accident in Miami is 4 years. Not only is this a long time, it is definitely enough time to file a claim and get your financial compensation. Finally, hire a knowledgeable Miami car accident lawyer from Accident Lawyers MIA to fight for you. 

How to: Deal with Your Insurance Company- The Right Way!

Many people think that insurance companies exist to help their clients. Sadly, this is not always the case. Remember that insurance companies are for-profit organizations. In the end, insurance companies are businesses. They are business entities and exist to make money. This means that they want to make the most money possible off of your injuries and damages. 

Insurance companies will do anything to get you to settle fast after an accident. By settling quickly, they get out of paying you the right amount of money. To speed up the process, they may even attempt to contact you as you lay in your hospital bed. So whatever you do, never settle with your insurance company immediately after your accident. 

Here are a few more ways your insurance company may try to trick you:

  • Insurance companies may attempt to trick you into saying something incriminating. By determining that the fault of the accident fell on you, they can get out of paying. This is why we say to be careful with anyone or anything that is related to the insurance companies.
  • You may feel forced to provide medical records before you know the full extent of your injuries. If you settle before knowing the full extent of your injuries, you will not earn full compensation for them. For example, prematurely ending treatment and maybe not even getting surgery for certain injuries. These are all quite common ways that the insurance companies may try to pressure you into giving in your medical records.
  • Insurance companies may attempt to undercount medical bills and only cover a few. This is a common tactic that insurance companies use to try and undercut the costs of financial compensation for your medical treatment. Because of tactics and sly moves like this by the insurance companies and other adjusters and lawyers, we prioritize that you keep EVERY receipt and bill. Make sure they include each one in your settlement. 
  • They may attempt subrogation. Subrogation occurs when an insurance company comes back to a client and convinces them to pay the money back.
  • Some companies may use surveillance to collect evidence against you. They do this in an attempt to prove that your injuries are not as extensive as you claim. 
  • Insurance companies may say that you paid for less coverage. Make sure you know what you paid for, and have it documented. Knowing your policy and what your policy covers is something that EVERYONE should know. Insurance companies may try to say that your coverage does not include certain treatments and reparations. This is why it’s important to be familiar with your policy and know what is covered.
  • They may simply deny your claim, and then ignore any calls or emails from you. 

Above all, remember that insurance companies care about money more than your wellbeing. Insurance companies also have their own team of adjusters and lawyers that take care of that side for them. Do not be alone and get baited into saying things that you don’t agree with or even settling for an amount that is not satisfactory. Hire a Miami car accident lawyer. Our team at Accident Lawyers MIA will fight alongside you to make sure that you get the proper financial compensation from the insurance companies. 

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How to File a Lawsuit for a Miami Car Accident

Filing suit sounds difficult.

You have to call lawyers, get in touch with insurance agents and adjusters, and overall it can be a stressful process for anyone that has to file suit. When your injuries are extensive and require more than the basic PIP to heal, you may need to file suit to get the rest of the money that you need to make up for the losses that you are going through and WILL be going through in the future. In Florida, PIP will only cover up to 10,000 dollars in damages at most, but we all know surgeries, treatment, medication, and rehabilitation can cost anything in the mid 5 figures to even 6 figures. If your injuries are this extensive, then you will need to file suit to get your money back. If you don’t file suit, you will most definitely not get your money back, but you may also find yourself in crippling debt for the extensive medical care that you needed. 

Filing suit also depends on the time. In Florida, just like every other state, there is a statute of limitations to filing suit on a case. Florida gives anyone 4 years to file suit from the date of accident. Although this may seem like a long time to gather your thoughts and file suit, there are many times that people will exceed the 4 years. Once you exceed the 4 years, there is no way to get your case back. The court will refuse to look at your case, even if it’s valid and the best case in Florida. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to be solved in 4 years. The statute of limitations only applies to FILING the suit, not resolving it. So once the lawsuit has been filed, time is always on our side. 

Can I File Suit On My Own?

Most definitely. You can file suit on your own, however, it will most definitely be a terrible time. The other party will most certainly have their own lawyers, adjusters, and insurance agents that will fight for them as well. Not to mention, there will be dirty and sneaky tactics that the other party will try to throw on you. And if you are unaware of the tactics, you may fall for it. Early settlement offers, lowball compensation offers, asking for certain statements that may jeopardize the case, etc. This is where having a car accident lawyer in Miami can help you.

A Miami car accident lawyer can be at your service and provide the legal services that will help you heal from your injuries faster, while we handle the nitty gritty portion of the case. Dealing with car insurance agents, adjusters, lawyers, and even the other party, that will be done by our car accident lawyers in Miami. All we need you to do is get treated and get back to health. You being healthy and able to function properly is our main and only goal. 

Do I Need To Go To Court?

This answer depends on a multitude of variables. The biggest factor is whether the other party is willing to pay the full compensation that you want. The only reason you would need to take a case to court is because there is a disagreement in settlement amounts. However, this doesn’t mean that taking it to court is always the way to go. There are other factors that will determine whether your case can go to court. These are:

  • How serious was the accident?
  • How much value does your car accident in Miami have?
  • Is the at-fault party willing to amend (outside of court) to a fair compensation?
  • How much evidence do you have that can back you up/provide evidence for how badly you were injured?

Our team at Accident Lawyers MIA will not hesitate to file a claim if the other party doesn’t agree to a fair amount. However, we always recommend that you settle for an amount outside of court so that the process doesn’t need to be lengthened. If settling outside of court is not possible, then our car accident lawyers in Miami will not think twice to settle the case in court and file suit. With decades of experience in car accident cases and winning millions for our clients, our car accident lawyers in Miami will do everything in our power to settle the case to provide the financial compensation for you. 

Hire Miami Car Accident Lawyers to Fight for You

A good car accident lawyer in Miami will not only help you fight insurance companies. They will also navigate and provide guidance for your complicated case. Without extensive legal knowledge, you may not be able to effectively fight your case. However, with a knowledgeable legal team by your side, you know that your case is in the right hands.

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Statute of Limitations on a Miami Car Accident

A statute of limitations is the maximum amount of time parties have to initiate any legal procedure on an alleged offense. This offense can be civil or criminal. For car accidents, or any sort of automotive incidents, the statute of limitations is 4 years.

This means that you have 4 years from the date of the incident to file suit on a car accident in Miami. Especially if you were injured, it is important to not only file suit as SOON as possible, but to also not go over the 4 years statute of limitations.

What will a Miami Car Accident Lawyer Do After I Hire Them?

With over twenty years of experience, the Miami car accident lawyers at Accident Lawyers MIA know exactly what evidence to use and how to incorporate it into a personal injury case. First, our team will organize the evidence and documentation you have collected into a proper file so that we can possibly move into a suit. Then, our legal team will begin negotiating your case with your insurance companies. At this stage, we hope to teach an agreement with the insurance companies. However, if one cannot be reached, your Miami car accident lawyer will take your case to trial. 

Thankfully, this isn’t on you- our terrific team is on your side to fight hard for your case. You don’t need to worry about going to court, calling the other adjusters and lawyers, or even calculating the costs of your losses. This will all be done by our team and our lawyers. All you need to do is focus on healing from your injuries and getting back to health. Other than the basic services that a personal injury lawyer should provide, our car accident lawyers in Miami also do:

  • 24/7 availability for any questions that you may have
  • Talking to the insurance companies and agents for you
  • Discussion of damages and compensation with adjusters
  • Settling financial amounts
  • Scheduling appointments and making calls
  • Getting financial compensation for property damage
  • We even give you our lawyer’s personal number so that your questions can be answered

What Compensation Can I Win if I Hire a Miami Car Accident Lawyer?

When you have our Miami car accident lawyer fighting for you, you can earn maximum compensation for the damages you sustained from the negligence or irresponsibility from another party. You may receive compensation for:

  • lost wages, 
  • time off work, 
  • medical expenses, 
  • damage to your car or property damage, 
  • other kinds of property damage and more

You can even earn monetary compensation for the pain and suffering you endured. For many, this compensation brings new hope to their situation. For those who suffered the most, this money is life changing. So, don’t wait. If you suffered a car accident injury in Miami from the last four years, you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

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How Long Does It Take To Settle a Case?

Settling a car depends on how severe the damages are. In most cases, the worse the damages are, the longer it will take to settle the case. But there is no “average” settlement amount. All car accident injury cases in Miami are different from each other. Of course, some share similarities, but most are not the same and have distinct details that make them all different. Here are some distinct factors that may make car accidents in Miami different from one another:

  • Liability agreement between parties. There may be a disagreement between the two parties as  to see who’s actually at fault for the car accident in Miami. There must be an establishment as to who is actually at fault. Without fault, there is no way to point the finger at who should be responsible.
  • Severity and seriousness of injuries that resulted from the car accident. Depending on how serious or severe the injuries were, the case can drag for a longer time. The less injuries there are, the shorter the case may go, while if there are more injuries, the case can drag on for longer. This is because the more severe the injuries, there are more injuries to prove and more to pay out to the party that was injured. This doesn’t mean that you should underreport your injury or fake it. It just means that it may take longer, that is all.
  • How long will it take to treat the injury? This relates to the previous point, but the worse the injuries and the more it takes to treat the injury, the longer the case will go on for. With more treatment comes more time for rehab and review for more injuries. If there is necessity for MORE treatment after the initial treatment, then the case will obviously go for longer so that treatment can be re-evaluated on a tentative schedule.
  • Agreement to settle for a fair amount between parties. This may be the only reason why some settlements take forever to actually compensate. Insurance companies that represent the other party will try to settle for less at all times. It will be very rare that an insurance company will settle for the initial amount you want. There will always be back and forth between you and the other party.

When Would You Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

Once damages exceed a certain limit or are too injured to actually get fully compensated by your insurance, you may need to file suit. This is when you need a lawyer.

Florida is a “no-fault” state. This means that when injuries are minor, you go to your own insurance to fix the damages. This policy exists so that when damages are small, you don’t have to file suit for something that can be solved through your insurance. However, if your bodily injuries are severe and require more than a certain financial threshold, your insurance policy may not cover all of it. This is when you may need to file suit. Although you can file suit on your own, a car accident lawyer in Miami will make it easier and give you guidance through the process so that you are in the know of what to do. A car accident lawyer in Miami can help you when

  • the accident has led to serious injuries or even death of you or a loved one
  • the injuries that you sustained from the accident have left you immobilized and unable to function regularly in society
  • the driver that hit you was uninsured or underinsured
  • the other driver’s lawyers or insurance company gave you a low settlement offer
  • there are multiple parties involved (more than two drivers or vehicles were involved)

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is when you are operating a vehicle while you don’t have full awareness of the road. Distracted driving can consist of something like drunk driving, texting and driving, snoozing on the wheel, and more. Anything that takes your attention off the road and onto something else other than driving is distracted driving.

Our Miami Car Accident Lawyers from Accident Lawyers MIA

Here in Miami, car accidents happen every single day. In fact, Miami is considered one of the most dangerous cities to drive in. The importance of a car accident lawyer in Miami is the local traffic laws. Every city has a slight difference between traffic laws. This is why hiring a local Miami car accident lawyer is the best way to go. They will be very familiar with the legal landscape of Miami and how the dynamic between lawyers and insurance companies works in Miami. When a car accident in Miami happens to you, you don’t have to worry. Locally known for our great customer service and excellent results, Accident Lawyers MIA is here to help you get financial compensation for your injuries. Our results don’t lie. We have won over $10 million in compensation for our clients. The best part? You don’t pay a dime unless we win your case. That’s right; we won’t charge you anything until we win you the compensation you deserve. 

Accident Lawyers MIA has over 20 years of experience in all kinds of personal injury cases, not only car accidents. We also offer our services for:

Contact us 24/7 for your free case consultation at (305) 680-5161, or visit our physical location at 2151 S Le Jeune Rd, Suite 305. Our team of Miami car accident lawyers are always ready to listen to you and assist you in any concern or question you have. When you need legal help, reach out to Accident Lawyers MIA. We are ready to fight for you today!

FAQs for Miami Car Accidents

Kinds Of Motor Vehicles and Types Of Vehicles

Car accidents are the most common kind of personal injury that happens in Miami. However, other vehicles are just as susceptible to accidents as well. Depending on the type of vehicle, size of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle, and other variables, the car accident in Miami will be worse.

Truck  Accident

By far one of the most devastating and damaging kinds of motor vehicle accidents in Miami. Trucks are the biggest vehicles in the road at any given time and sometimes even the fastest kind of motor vehicles, especially in the highway.

A truck accident in Miami can be devastating. The sheer size combined with the speed of the truck can result in a terrible car accident in Miami.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycles are quite common in Miami because of how versatile they are. You can use a bike for work, gym, and even just for casual use. Not to mention, bicycles give the most satisfaction when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. The wind in your face, zooming past cars while they are stuck in traffic, the satisfaction from the exercise. These are amazing benefits to biking.

HOWEVER, bicycles are also the most dangerous forms of transportation. There is almost no protection from the vehicle itself, and your entire body is exposed to the elements. If you get hit by any vehicle, the damages will be exponentially higher than a regular car accident in Miami.

Pedestrian Accident

Miami’s roads are just not meant for people. They are way too wide and allow for excessive speeds. The average speed on any given local road can range from somewhere between 35-45mph. Although to some it may not sound like much, this is actually very fast for pedestrians. If the motor vehicle is not paying attention, the pedestrian can get hit and their life can definitely be put in danger.

Release of Liability

A release of liability is basically the terms of a settlement. As the name suggests, it will release a party from liability. If you sign a release of liability before you file suit on your case, then you will be unable to file suit. If you are already filing suit, this prevents you from filing suit again in the case of a complication.

The most important thing to do is to look through ALL the terms and agreements outlined in the release. There may be some things that you do not agree with on the release. If you don’t agree with something on the release, don’t sign it. Plain and simple. Making compromises and letting in some flexibility in to the agreement can lead to disagreements and possibly a botched case on your part because you decided to be lenient. Remember that this release outlines your case which is also financial compensation for the damages you suffered.


PIP stands for personal injury protection. Personal injury protection is the baseline insurance that everyone needs in Florida. It is also known as “no-fault” insurance. Basically, regardless of who is at fault after a Miami car accident, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of money so that they can get financial compensation for their property damage, bodily injury, medical bills, or even lost wages.

Of course, this only covers a certain amount. Most of the time, the financial burden it covers is up to $10,000. so if you or a loved one is severely injured after a car accident and the medical bills seems to shoot above the $10k limit, then you may need a car accident lawyer from Miami to help you get the additional financial compensation you need.

Emergency Medical Services/Condition

An emergency medical condition is when your injuries are so severe and cause so much pain that without medical attention there would be serious consequences to your health, impairment to your body, or even dysfunction to your health.

There is no specific list of injuries that are listed by the law that qualify to go under this list. This does not mean that you can just put any kind of injury out there and overexaggerate into an “emergency medical condition”. In most cases, there must be an extensive and irreversible damage. Injuries such as broken bones, bleeding, and damaged internals/externals are subject to emergency medical conditions,

Lost wages

Lost wages is money that you can’t earn because of the Miami car accident injury that you suffered from the actual car accident in Miami. To make it easy to understand, you cannot just make up a number. For example, if you are under treatment and surgery for 5 weeks because of the Miami car accident, then you are entitled to the 5 weeks you were forced to miss. To add, if you made $2,000 a week and were forced to miss those 5 weeks, then your insurance will and should pay you those $10,000.

Lost wages doesn’t refer to just losing money at your current job. Lost wages also means money that you may lose because you are let go. Your injury may deter your employer from continuing to keep you on board, so it is possible that you are let go. In the case that you are let go, you can also file suit for the new job you get. You can also file suit for the financial compensation that you deserve for being forced into a lower-paying job. You may even file suit for the time you lost looking for the new job, or even the time you are spending without a job.

Loss of use

Loss of use is when your car is no longer of use after a car accident in Miami. This can be claimed as a total loss, but not necessarily. Loss of use can fall into two different categories: 1st party and 3rd party.

1st party insurance claim is when you file a claim against your own insurance. Although this may sound counterproductive, this is for accidents that don’t have a liable 3rd party. In most cases, you will file a 1st party insurance claim for hit-and-run accidents in Miami, damage from weather in Miami, and even after hitting an animal on the roads in Miami. These are all reasons as to why you would file a 1st party insurance claim on your own insurance company.

Now, a 3rd party insurance claim is when there is a liable 3rd party. This procedure follows torts law. If you are a victim of a car accident in Miami and it resulted in extensive injuries, you may be able to file a 3rd party insurance claim. There is a catch though. Your injuries must have been caused by the negligent driving of another party. Your financial compensation from a 3rd party insurance claim will equal the financial losses you suffered as a result of the car accident in Miami. Financial losses can be surgery, treatment, property damage, bodily injury (which results in surgery or treatment), loss of use, diminished value, lost wages, and even possibly wrongful death.

Medical Treatment and Cost of Treatment

A car accident in Miami can result in devastating bodily injury. These bodily injuries can result in heavy financial losses. Surgery, especially in Miami, is not cheap. Surgery comes with other miscellaneous costs that can result in a much more expensive bill. You may need surgery for these kinds of common bodily injuries that result after a car accident in Miami:

Soft Tissue Injuries

The connective tissue like your muscles, ligaments, or tendons can be injured during a car accident. The sudden movement, also known as whiplash, can cause sudden stretching of your connective soft tissues and lead them to get injured. Common injuries like back injuries and neck injuries are mostly caused by the whiplash and are the most common injuries caused by car accidents. 

Scrapes and Cuts

When things break in your car such as glass or plastic, they can cause scrapes and cuts that can open up wounds. Not only glass and plastic, but loose objects in your car can also lead to scrapes and cuts. Pens, pencils, cups, coins, they can all cause severe open cuts. These are common, but they won’t be the worst injury to deal with. In most cases, some stitches will fix the scrapes and cuts that you sustain during a car accident. 

Head Injuries

As described in the soft tissue portion, head injury is common but it can be the deadliest. Since the whiplash can stretch your neck in crazy positions and essentially shock your brain, it can cause severe consequences. The impact of the damage is the biggest determining factor. Something as simple as a small bump to your passenger side could cause a small bump, but something as insane as a car coming at you 60mph to your driver’s side can cause whiplash that can cause a blackout and possibly a concussion. Obviously, the damages are not limited to just that. The scariest part is that head injuries don’t really show physical signs. They only show your behavior in the smallest ways and will only get worse over time. 


Chest Injuries

Being the closest to the airbags, windows, and in most cases it is the body part that takes the most damages. It is common to have chest injuries such as bruising and maybe some cuts and scrapes. The worst chest injuries can be something as severe as broken ribs and possibly internal bleeding to vital organs in the chest. The seat belt itself can also cause bruising since it is meant to keep you from flying out of your car.

Injuries to Limbs

It is quite common to get injured in your external limbs like arms and legs. They are mostly loose and most people cover their faces with their arms. When you get in an accident, your knees and legs are under the car and can be subject to bruising, cuts, and scrapes. At worst, they can be broken or fractured depending on the severity of the car accident. 

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