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At Accident Lawyers MIA, we strive to help as many people as possible recover from their car accident injuries in Miami. Car accidents are a common occurrence in Miami. After a car accident in Miami, it is possible that you will be in pain for a very long time (depending on how severe your accident was). In addition to the pain, the stress fro dealing with the car accident and trying to get your financial compensation by yourself will be hard to deal with.

You shouldn’t pay for the pain and suffering if it was someone else’s fault.

If you are injured and it was because of negligence, give our team of personal injury lawyers a call.

Examples of negligent driving are:

  • A driver was texting and driving
  • Fell asleep on the road
  • Generally was distracted by something other than the road
  • Your employer failed to take proper safety precautions to uphold their duty to keep the environment safe
  • and more…

With our 20+ years of experience and more than $10 million won for our clients, we can confidently say that we can take care of a wide variety of personal injury cases and give you the best service possible while we go through this process together.


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    As the leading personal injury lawyer in Miami, I find it important to serve as many places as possible in Miami-Dade. If you live or work in any of these places and got in an accident in any of these locations, we would be glad to serve you and guide you through the process of getting your possible financial compensation.

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