What Is A Miami Car Accident Lawyer?

Miami car accident lawyers are people that will fight for your financial compensation after a car accident in Miami. Car accidents in Miami, as a result of someone else’s negligence can leave you in confusion, pain, and suffering.

If you or a loved one got in a car accident in Miami as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Pain and suffering after a car accident is common. Broken bones, bleeding, and bruising. This is just the surface. This can lead to other consequences like losing your job, psychological distress, and even inability to work.

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Car accidents are the most common kind of personal injury that happens in Miami. However, other vehicles are just as susceptible to accidents as well. Depending on the type of vehicle, size of the vehicle, speed of the vehicle, and other variables, the car accident in Miami will be worse.

Truck  Accident

By far one of the most devastating and damaging kinds of motor vehicle accidents in Miami. Trucks are the biggest vehicles in the road at any given time and sometimes even the fastest kind of motor vehicles, especially in the highway.

A truck accident in Miami can be devastating. The sheer size combined with the speed of the truck can result in a terrible car accident in Miami.

Bicycle Accident

Bicycles are quite common in Miami because of how versatile they are. You can use a bike for work, gym, and even just for casual use. Not to mention, bicycles give the most satisfaction when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. The wind in your face, zooming past cars while they are stuck in traffic, the satisfaction from the exercise. These are amazing benefits to biking.

HOWEVER, bicycles are also the most dangerous forms of transportation. There is almost no protection from the vehicle itself, and your entire body is exposed to the elements. If you get hit by any vehicle, the damages will be exponentially higher than a regular car accident in Miami.

Pedestrian Accident

Miami’s roads are just not meant for people. They are way too wide and allow for excessive speeds. The average speed on any given local road can range from somewhere between 35-45mph. Although to some it may not sound like much, this is actually very fast for pedestrians. If the motor vehicle is not paying attention, the pedestrian can get hit and their life can definitely be put in danger.

PIP stands for personal injury protection. Personal injury protection is the baseline insurance that everyone needs in Florida. It is also known as “no-fault” insurance. Basically, regardless of who is at fault after a Miami car accident, everyone is entitled to a certain amount of money so that they can get financial compensation for their property damage, bodily injury, medical bills, or even lost wages.

Of course, this only covers a certain amount. Most of the time, the financial burden it covers is up to $10,000. so if you or a loved one is severely injured after a car accident and the medical bills seems to shoot above the $10k limit, then you may need a car accident lawyer from Miami to help you get the additional financial compensation you need.

An emergency medical condition is when your injuries are so severe and cause so much pain that without medical attention there would be serious consequences to your health, impairment to your body, or even dysfunction to your health.

There is no specific list of injuries that are listed by the law that qualify to go under this list. This does not mean that you can just put any kind of injury out there and overexaggerate into an “emergency medical condition”. In most cases, there must be an extensive and irreversible damage. Injuries such as broken bones, bleeding, and damaged internals/externals are subject to emergency medical conditions.

Lost wages is money that you can’t earn because of the Miami car accident injury that you suffered from the actual car accident in Miami. To make it easy to understand, you cannot just make up a number. For example, if you are under treatment and surgery for 5 weeks because of the Miami car accident, then you are entitled to the 5 weeks you were forced to miss. To add, if you made $2,000 a week and were forced to miss those 5 weeks, then your insurance will and should pay you those $10,000.

Lost wages doesn’t refer to just losing money at your current job. Lost wages also means money that you may lose because you are let go. Your injury may deter your employer from continuing to keep you on board, so it is possible that you are let go. In the case that you are let go, you can also file suit for the new job you get. You can also file suit for the financial compensation that you deserve for being forced into a lower-paying job. You may even file suit for the time you lost looking for the new job, or even the time you are spending without a job.

Loss of use is when your car is no longer of use after a car accident in Miami. This can be claimed as a total loss, but not necessarily. Loss of use can fall into two different categories: 1st party and 3rd party.

1st party insurance claim is when you file a claim against your own insurance. Although this may sound counterproductive, this is for accidents that don’t have a liable 3rd party. In most cases, you will file a 1st party insurance claim for hit-and-run accidents in Miami, damage from weather in Miami, and even after hitting an animal on the roads in Miami. These are all reasons as to why you would file a 1st party insurance claim on your own insurance company.

Now, a 3rd party insurance claim is when there is a liable 3rd party. This procedure follows torts law. If you are a victim of a car accident in Miami and it resulted in extensive injuries, you may be able to file a 3rd party insurance claim. There is a catch though. Your injuries must have been caused by the negligent driving of another party. Your financial compensation from a 3rd party insurance claim will equal the financial losses you suffered as a result of the car accident in Miami. Financial losses can be surgery, treatment, property damage, bodily injury (which results in surgery or treatment), loss of use, diminished value, lost wages, and even possibly wrongful death.

A car accident in Miami can result in devastating bodily injury. These bodily injuries can result in heavy financial losses. Surgery, especially in Miami, is not cheap. Surgery comes with other miscellaneous costs that can result in a much more expensive bill. You may need surgery for these kinds of common bodily injuries that result after a car accident in Miami:

Soft Tissue Injuries

The connective tissue like your muscles, ligaments, or tendons can be injured during a car accident. The sudden movement, also known as whiplash, can cause sudden stretching of your connective soft tissues and lead them to get injured. Common injuries like back injuries and neck injuries are mostly caused by the whiplash and are the most common injuries caused by car accidents. 

Scrapes and Cuts

When things break in your car such as glass or plastic, they can cause scrapes and cuts that can open up wounds. Not only glass and plastic, but loose objects in your car can also lead to scrapes and cuts. Pens, pencils, cups, coins, they can all cause severe open cuts. These are common, but they won’t be the worst injury to deal with. In most cases, some stitches will fix the scrapes and cuts that you sustain during a car accident. 

Head Injuries

As described in the soft tissue portion, head injury is common but it can be the deadliest. Since the whiplash can stretch your neck in crazy positions and essentially shock your brain, it can cause severe consequences. The impact of the damage is the biggest determining factor. Something as simple as a small bump to your passenger side could cause a small bump, but something as insane as a car coming at you 60mph to your driver’s side can cause whiplash that can cause a blackout and possibly a concussion. Obviously, the damages are not limited to just that. The scariest part is that head injuries don’t really show physical signs. They only show your behavior in the smallest ways and will only get worse over time. 


Chest Injuries

Being the closest to the airbags, windows, and in most cases it is the body part that takes the most damages. It is common to have chest injuries such as bruising and maybe some cuts and scrapes. The worst chest injuries can be something as severe as broken ribs and possibly internal bleeding to vital organs in the chest. The seat belt itself can also cause bruising since it is meant to keep you from flying out of your car.

Injuries to Limbs

It is quite common to get injured in your external limbs like arms and legs. They are mostly loose and most people cover their faces with their arms. When you get in an accident, your knees and legs are under the car and can be subject to bruising, cuts, and scrapes. At worst, they can be broken or fractured depending on the severity of the car accident.