About Accident Lawyers MIA

Who We Are

Accident Lawyers MIA, we are a team of personal injury attorneys based out of Miami, Florida that serve car accident injuries in Miami. Car accidents in Miami are common and happen on a daily basis. Many of these car accidents result in injuries that can eventually result in big losses.

Losses can range from something as small a cut or bruise to something as severe as wrongful death. Possible injuries and losses from a car accident or any personal injury accident in Miami can be:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Lost wages and possible loss of employment
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Possible death (of you or a loved one)

Our team of personal injury lawyers at Accident Lawyers MIA want to help YOU recover from the financial losses and personal injuries you suffered from.

From car accident to slip and fall accidents, if you feel like your accident happened because of failed safety precautions, negligence, or possibly any kind of irresponsibility from an opposing entity, then gives us a call for a FREE consultation with our team.

Our team is equipped with the right skills and experience to make sure that YOU get the service that you need. We will also make sure to guide you so that you are financially compensated for the personal injuries sustained at the hands of someone else’s actions.

Call us now and make sure that you get what you are owed. With more than 20+ years of experience and making our clients upwards of $10 million, our team is well-equipped to make sure that the process is smooth and stress-free.

Message From Our Founder

  • Lawyers with 20+ Years of Experience in Personal Injury Cases

  • Bilingual Team

  • 100s and 1000s of Clients Served

  • Upwards of $10 million won for clients

  • Stress-Free Process

  • Wide Range of accidents, From Car Accidents to Slip and Fall Accidents

Our Mission

From my humble beginnings as a personal injury law firm in Miami to now having a team of attorneys, legal assistants and paralegals, my mission has always been the same. I have always looked to serve our people. My team makes sure that you are taken care of from the start with a Paralegal or Legal Assistant from our team that you can talk to personally and guide you through the process. We take care of the beginning of the phase from research and getting documents until the end of the case. Everything from start to finish is FREE until you get compensated. Once you are compensated, then we get paid for our services to you.

An injury can possibly be life-threatening and invasive on your regular life. It can challenge your work schedule, physical well-being, and almost always it can drain your wallet. As personal injury lawyers, knowing that we can help you, we can’t just watch people be in pain and suffering. That is why we exist and we strive to help as many kinds of cases as possible.

Don’t let the injury slow down your life. Give us a call or fill out this form. One of my Paralegals or Legal Assistants will call you back in less than 24 hours to help you with your case. Car accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents, work accidents, Uber/Lyft accidents, and more. The team at Accident Lawyers MIA will serve all those and more to our fullest ability. We are so confident in our ability that we don’t charge until you get your financial payout.

Personal Injury Cases That We Win and Serve

Common Questions For Miami Car Accidents


Ideally, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as you get injured. If you are injured and your body is in pain, why wait and live with the pain? That makes no sense. You want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. If you have more questions contact us

That depends on how badly you were injured. People joke around about “I wish I got hit by a car” or “If I slip and fall here, I’m gonna make a fortune”. Although that is possible, it is not always possible. They are jokes for a reason. You will make as much as you are owed. If it is just a scratch, then you will not be compensated much. If you had to have major surgery and are going through rehab, then you will make MUCH more than just a simple scratch or small bump.

As a personal injury lawyer in Miami, what I do is make sure that you make your money back (maybe even more) from whatever damages you sustained. If someone else caused your injuries, then you have to contact us and consult with our team. We will make sure that you are taken care of. My job is to see if your current situation is actually someone else’s fault and if you can get your money back for the treatment you went or are going through.

We will represent all kinds of cases, from car accidents and work accidents, to truck accidents and uber/lyft accidents. 

If you’re unsure if we can represent your case, give us a call at 305-680-5161 to get a FREE consultation and more information on your case.

Still need questions answered? Call one of our lawyers!