Financial compensation after a car accident is critical.

The damages that result from a car accident isn’t just limited to property damage and getting your car fixed. Sometimes, that might be the least expensive and easiest part to fix up. The most difficult and expensive bills of a car accident are actually from the bodily injuries that one can sustain from a car accident. 

Bodily injuries can be things like broken bones, bleeding, bruising, cuts, and more. These injuries can lead to medical bills as a result of surgeries, treatment, and medication. The last thing one would want to do is not only be physically hurt, but also financially crippled because of their physical injuries. However, for most Americans, this is reality. A lot of Americans are left to pay their healthcare bills even if the accident was not their fault. It is a terrible idea that even if the car accident is not your fault, that YOU have to pay for the negligence of another entity. Don’t be the one that has to pay for the negligence of another party. Call a car accident lawyer in Miami for legal guidance. 

How a Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

A car accident lawyer from Miami can help you get legal guidance for the next step in your accident case. 

Car accident cases can get complicated and muddy if your injuries get severe. 


This is because now, the party that is held accountable has to pay for your injuries and bills. In most cases, the insurance companies will have to pay out the damages that you sustained if the car accident is determined to not be your fault. Payouts differ according to your injury, and the more injured and heavy your bills are, the more the insurance companies will have to payout. The insurance company agents will ask a plethora of questions. But that’s not all. You will also have to answer to the other party’s lawyers and adjusters as well. 

This is because they also need proof and evidence. Your story isn’t just simply believable because it came out of your mouth, it has to be backed up by evidence. These are some easy steps to follow so that your process of getting financial compensation can be smoother. 

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Consult In a Lawyer, Even If It’s Not Their Field

If you already know a lawyer, it is a good idea to ask them for tips on how to find a lawyer near you. Although they may not be a car accident lawyer, they are still in the field of law. They may know a car accident lawyer and give you a recommendation. Especially if this is a lawyer you have worked with extensively, they will probably know your habits and the way you are. For example, maybe you only know a lawyer that takes care of worker’s comp and not car accidents. But these fields are intertwined and asking your lawyer for recommendations on a car accident lawyer can lead you to possibly another expert in that field that can help you. 

Take Out The Middleman

If you want to truly take action into your own hands, go and look for a car accident lawyer on Google and be diligent with your search. This is the best way to get the result you want for your car accident. 

Because of Google and modern day search engines, it is so easy to find a car accident lawyer in Miami. A quick search with the words “car accident lawyer near me” will give you all the car accident lawyers near your area. The next step is to check their Google reviews. Do they follow up? Do they reply to their Google reviews? Are the reviews generally good? These are all questions to consider when you are going through the Google My Business (GMB) of any law firm. 

After checking out the GMB of the law firm, the website is next. Make sure that their website is aligned with their GMB and that the address and telephone number is correct. Read a few blog posts of their website. See what the website is about and see if the content is good. How does the lawyer look? Does the lawyer look personable? Is the content good?

If the lawyer checks out all your boxes and you feel comfortable with what you see online, call them and get an appointment. From there, the ball is in your court. 

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Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Near Me

Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Miami can be a hassle. It can take up a large part of your time even when you’re going through the injuries. Look no further for a car accident lawyer in Miami. 

Our team of lawyers in Miami can give you the legal guidance you may need to deal with the injuries that you sustained. From something as minor as cuts and bruises to even the most devastating losses like wrongful death in Miami, any sort of loss sustained during a Miami car accident can be stressful to recover from. Losses that get too severe can result in bigger financial losses because of the inability to work or your loss of employment status (because you were gone for too long).
Don’t be alone when dealing with personal injuries as a result of a car accident in Miami. Call a Miami car accident lawyer and get a free consultation regarding your injuries. Jimmy De La Espriella will not only provide legal guidance for your car accident injuries, he and the rest of our lawyers will always be available to talk to for other questions and concerns regarding your injury. We are here for you and your health is our number one priority. 

We are a “no win no fee” law firm. If we don’t win, then you don’t get charged anything, all fees are on us until we win you your case. 


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