It happens out of nowhere.

You’re driving in Miami and suddenly you feel your car get hit. You check your body for injuries and realize you can’t feel some body parts. You see blood on your hands after checking your body. That is already enough to make you panic. You get out of your car

Your car is a disaster. There’s dents everywhere. Your wheels and tires are completely in the wrong direction. Places that you didn’t even get hit have scratches and dents. It really is a miracle that you came out of the accident alive

So now, you have to fix your car. You call the police, the insurance, and other entities to make sure that you have done everything to make sure that the accident was reported. 

Now you’re in the hospital and you’re not sure what to do next. The accident was definitely not your fault. You were driving regularly and all of a sudden something hit you. What do you do? Do you sue someone? Do you sue the insurance? 

calling police after a car accident

Steps To Determine Whether To File a Claim

There are many things that will determine whether you should sue somebody or not. Where you live, how bad the damage was, your injuries, etc. But, there is a surefire way to know. You don’t need to wonder and question whether you SHOULD or not. Here is a quick overview.

Determine Liability

Someone is at fault. Sometimes one is 100% at fault and sometimes it could be 80% at fault. The point is that fault has to be determined. Without determining fault, there is no way to truly know what you are to be compensated for. If you are at fault, then trying to sue the other person would not be successful. However, if you think you were driving well and alert on the road but someone else hit you, then the right thing to do next, is to see a personal injury lawyer. We can help you determine fault and take you through the next steps to get your money back. 

In terms of liability, it is also important to know your state’s negligence laws. In some states, even being 1% liable for the accident will make it extremely difficult to file a claim. If you aren’t sure of your laws, then contact a personal injury lawyer in Miami. We can help you start from step 1 and then guide you to the finish where you get your money. 

Talking To the Insurance Company

In most cases, you won’t even be talking to the person that hit you.

You will be talking to the adjuster that works for the insurance company that represents the person that hit you. 

The driver’s insurance should in most cases cover the costs of your damages. But, that might not always be the case.

Expensive surgery or treatments for your injuries could lead to bigger medical bills, which were caused BY the car accident. This means you may need to either negotiate more, or sue the driver personally. 

Remember that you don’t want to pay for the irresponsible actions the driver did to you. Don’t ever try to settle the money by yourself without the consultation of a personal injury lawyer.

Suing the Other Driver

When you sue the other driver you have to consider other factors.

If the other driver didn’t have insurance, or enough insurance to cover your fees, what makes you think they are going to have enough personal assets to pay for your damages? 

This is when things get complicated, you could go to your own insurance for coverage, or sue a third party, but it can get too complicated once it reaches this stage. 

However, if you are at this stage, you can still give our team a call.

lawyers arguing

Take Out The Middleman

If you want to truly take action into your own hands, go and look for a car accident lawyer on Google and be diligent with your search. This is the best way to get the result you want for your car accident. 

Because of Google and modern day search engines, it is so easy to find a car accident lawyer in Miami. A quick search with the words “car accident lawyer near me” will give you all the car accident lawyers near your area. The next step is to check their Google reviews. Do they follow up? Do they reply to their Google reviews? Are the reviews generally good? These are all questions to consider when you are going through the Google My Business (GMB) of any law firm. 

After checking out the GMB of the law firm, the website is next. Make sure that their website is aligned with their GMB and that the address and telephone number is correct. Read a few blog posts of their website. See what the website is about and see if the content is good. How does the lawyer look? Does the lawyer look personable? Is the content good?

If the lawyer checks out all your boxes and you feel comfortable with what you see online, call them and get an appointment. From there, the ball is in your court. 

Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Near Me

Looking for a car accident lawyer in Miami can be a hassle. It can take up a large part of your time even when you’re going through the injuries. Look no further for a car accident lawyer in Miami. 

Our team of lawyers in Miami can give you the legal guidance you may need to deal with the injuries that you sustained. From something as minor as cuts and bruises to even the most devastating losses like wrongful death in Miami, any sort of loss sustained during a Miami car accident can be stressful to recover from. Losses that get too severe can result in bigger financial losses because of the inability to work or your loss of employment status (because you were gone for too long).
Don’t be alone when dealing with personal injuries as a result of a car accident in Miami. Call a Miami car accident lawyer and get a free consultation regarding your injuries. Jimmy De La Espriella will not only provide legal guidance for your car accident injuries, he and the rest of our lawyers will always be available to talk to for other questions and concerns regarding your injury. We are here for you and your health is our number one priority. 

We are a “no win no fee” law firm. If we don’t win, then you don’t get charged anything, all fees are on us until we win you your case. 


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