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Golden Glades Personal Injury Lawyers

Being near North Miami, Golden Glades is a great location for those that are searching for a life of activity and also leisure. Being close to outdoor activities like kayaking in Oleta State Park or going to tan in Haulover Park or even going to admire the pieces of contemporary art in the Museum of Contemporary Art, but also close to Fort Lauderdale where you can have some fun at the Wharf or other bars and clubs that will allow you to have the time of your life.

Golden Glades is also a safe community that has little to no crime rates. With a population of about 33,000 people and a diverse group of ethnicities that live in harmony and acceptance of one another, Golden Glades is perfect for anyone that would want to live there.

However, Golden Glades is under the big cluster of highways. The major ones such as the Turnpike, 1-95, and the Palmetto Expressway are all located in Golden Glades and during rush hour traffic it is the most annoying traffic in the world. Bumper to bumper and all the cars are cutting each other off. How much more annoying can it get? With all the major highways under one big local intersection, during rush hour, Golden Glades is a nightmare worse than Miami Beach.

Personal Injury Lawyers In Golden Glades

Since Golden Glades is right under the bridge of intersections that connect all the highways, it is also a hot spot for car accidents and truck accidents. It is very likely that there is a car accident in that area. With all the cars rushing to get on the same highways and getting to work, an accident is not too far away. 

While some accidents are small and can be fixed by just talking to your insurance provider, some accidents can also be life-threatening and life-changing. Going from healthy to hospitalized and having to call off work for a few weeks or months at a time. There is no riskier and life-changing situation than being in a car accident and having to deal with the consequences because someone else decided to be irresponsible.

Our personal injury lawyers work on a variety of cases. Our lawyers have 20+ years of experience in their respective fields. Not only do they have lots of experience, our team of personal injury lawyers also have a wide variety of personal injury accidents under their belts. Just to name a few, our personal injury lawyers have represented:


  • Truck accidents in Golden Glades
  • Car accidents in Golden Glades
  • Medical malpractice in Golden Glades
  • Work accidents in Golden Glades
  • Bicycle accidents in Golden Glades
  • Slip and fall accidents in Golden Glades
  • Uber/lyft accidents in Golden Glades
  • Motorcycle accidents in Golden Glades

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