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In the 1900s, Princeton was founded across the local railroad, specifically the Florida East Coast Railroad. It wasn’t called Princeton before though. The name before was unknown. It was called Princeton only because the founder, Gaston Drake, graduated from Princeton University. In fact, because of Drake’s influence with Princeton University, a lot of the buildings in this town were painted orange and black. According to Wikipedia, Princeton was a well known source of timber in Florida and was a major supply of timber for the Florida Keys and Cuba. 

Contrary to the northern cities in Florida, Princeton has a much more diverse population. Although it is still crazy to say that “only” 50% of the population White (with 18% being Latino of these Whites). It is a significantly lower percentage than the average northern Miami city. It is also to note that English and Spanish has a 50-50 split in this city. This is also a rare happening, since lots of cities in Miami are majority consisting of Hispanic people. In most cases, Spanish is the favored language, with about 60-70% of the spoken language being Spanish.

Princeton is actually quite isolated in terms of business. It is more of a community rather than a business hotspot like Coral Gables or Miami Beach. It is not to say there aren’t any local businesses, but a vast majority of businesses are not finance based but rather exist to provide basic needs like food and clothing. With the occasional bank here and there for financial transactions, Princeton is more like a rural city that has a familiar and home like vibe rather than a Downtown Miami or Wall Street environment.

Accident in Princeton? Call Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Princeton

Accidents in Miami are a common happening.

But, we know that no one wants to be a part of that. To be in a accident is a long and complicated process. Not only do you have to fix your car, but to even get the car fixed you have to go through a long process with the other party’s insurance provider.

Remember, it is the other person’s insurance’s job to make sure you get the least amount of money possible. If anything, it would be their job to get as many facts and evidence to stack up the evidence AGAINST you so that you can’t get their client’s insurance money. In addition if you are injured through the fault of their client, then they are more unlikely to give you money.

Of course, it is not always the case, but in most cases it is likely that you get injured in a car accident. For something as small as back pain after an accident, or neck pain after an accident, you may possibly need surgery. It is not a requirement, but it could be a possibility. But, for something like fractures, partial fractures, trauma, or anything big that requires a hospital and surgery, there may be astounding medical bills involved.

Don’t be unprotected and left to be in massive debt while you are paying for someone else’s negligence. Yes, they may be your medical bills but you would never have had to pay for them if the other driver been alert and responsible. If you find yourself in this situation, (injured and in serious pain and suffering and paying all the medical bills) then give our team a call. We take our client’s concerns seriously and make sure that you are not only financially compensated for the injuries you suffered, but also medically cleared so that you can continue to live your life to the fullest.

Why Choose Our Princeton Personal Injury Lawyers

Not only do our personal injury lawyers have lots of experience in the field of personal injury cases, they are also able to serve a wide variety of cases. From something as common as car accidents to something as complicated as slip and fall accidents and Uber/Lyft accidents, our personal injury lawyers have experience in serving any kind of personal injury case that comes to them.

Our personal injury lawyers are not only experienced, but our first priority is the customer. Lots of personal injury lawyers win cases and get their clients the money they deserve, but they are not personable and make the case sound more complicated than they actually are. Our lawyers are not only bilingual (so you won’t have any problems if you can’t speak English) but they also make sure to follow up regularly so that our clients are always in the know.


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