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Richmond West Personal Injury Lawyers

Richmond West was at first not a living community. The city of Richmond West right now has a beautiful combination of wide roads and beautiful homes. The location is also strategically placed near a hub of stores, activities. and residences. Before, Richmond West was a hub for the Naval Air Station. With a huge fleet of blimps, planes, and automobiles, the Richmond Naval Air Station was one of the biggest Naval Air Fleets in the state. 

When Hurricane Andrew had hit Florida, about $25 million in damages came from the Naval Air Station. Not only was the Naval Air Station damaged, so were the mobile homes. Almost 2000 mobile homes were destroyed, while more than 5000 homes were damaged from the hurricane’s power. To say that the entire area has made a resurgence is an understatement. It has fully rebuilt itself and even come up to prosper better than they had before.

The best activity without a doubt is to go to the zoo. The Miami Zoo, which is only 10 minutes away from the entire Richmond West area, has lots to do. You can book a special reservation so that you can pet the animals and get a more personal tour of the zoo. If you do not book a personal tour of the zoo, you can still get a ticket to the zoo and explore the wide variety of animals at the gym. They are truly a spectacle and the care they put into treating these animals is visible in the condition of the animals

Car Accidents in Richmond West and What To Do

Even though Richmond West is a beautiful community and is generally a peaceful place to live and work, it is no stranger to any car accidents. In Miami, with the density of the population and the amount of people that go to work every day, an accident is inevitable. However, you don’t have to be one of those people that get in accident.

If you stay alert, stay focused on the road and stay aware of the other drivers, then you should be able to minimize the accidents that could happen to you. But, it is impossible to completely avoid accidents in Miami. If you are ever caught in an accident, then the first thing you should do is make sure that you are not injured. If you are not injured but your car suffered minimal damages, then you could be a small percentage of people that are able to get away from an accident injury-free.

In lots of cases in Miami and Richmond West, the car accidents can be deadly and life-changing. Medical bills get expensive and treatment can become more serious as time goes on. Not only can you be left in pain and suffering, but you can also be left with huge debt that could cripple your life at the moment and for a long time to come. Don’t be one to pay for it all out of pocket and not be compensated for the negligence of someone else. So if you are currently paying for all the expenses and getting in crippling debt, but the accident was definitely your fault and was caused by the negligence of someone else…What should you do?

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Near You

Our personal injury lawyers serve all of Miami-Dade County. From the southernmost cities like Richmond West and the Redlands to the northernmost areas in the county like North Miami Beach and Miami Gardens. Any area that falls within the area of “Miami-Dade” we serve them. If you think you work or live too far from our office, no worries. We can still arrange a meeting with you and make sure that you are taken care of through our expense. If you are in any of the accidents listed below, you should definitely call our personal injury lawyers in Richmond West: 

  • Truck accidents in Richmond West
  • Car accidents in Richmond West
  • Medical malpractice in Richmond West
  • Work accidents in Richmond West
  • Bicycle accidents in Richmond West
  • Slip and fall accidents in Richmond West
  • Uber/lyft accidents in Richmond West
  • Motorcycle accidents in Richmond West


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