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Sweetwater Personal Injury Lawyers

The city of Sweetwater has a deep and storied history. This city from Florida has roots that go as far back as the 1920s. This was when Miami Pittsburgh Land Company acquired land and started to work on the original plan for making Sweetwater Groves. Unfortunately, the infamous Miami Hurricane happened in1926 and laid waste to all these plans and abruptly ended the highly anticipated development venture.

Clyde Andrews bought most of what was left of Sweetwater Groves in 1938. After acquiring it, he started marketing lots. Initially, most of the people who migrated to Sweetwater were Russian dwarves. They were looking for a safe place to live after retiring from the circus. This led to the creation of numerous mini scaled homes tailor made to match their needs. Because of this Sweetwater is also referred to as “midget community”.

As time went by, an incorporation election took place in this city in 1941. Joe Sanderlin was elected as the first mayor of this town. Almost 15 years later, Sweetwater managed to attract almost five hundred residents. By then, this city had almost 200 homes, service station, grocery store, church, and a town hall. The city also had a police force that was surprisingly run by only two men. There was also a fire department that was run by volunteers. By the 1970s, Sweetwater had more than 3000 residents. This is when the city’s development really started to take place. The famous Florida International University was developed here. The development of two of the biggest expressways in Florida also took place here as more and more people started to relocate to this city.

Currently Sweetwater’s population is close to 15000 people. It has several attractions, such as Santa’s enchanted forest (amusement park), Patricia and Philip Frost art museum, Tropical park, and much more.

Personal Injuries in Sweetwater

This city is no stranger to accidents. Despite its low population, accidents happen here quite frequently. These accidents often cause horrible personal injuries to the victim. It renders them physically incapable to go to work or do any other thing. More often than not, they require extensive treatments at the hospital which are quite costly. If you are a resident of Sweetwater and find yourself in a similar situation, there could be a compensatory reward right around the corner. All you have to do is establish that the accident happened because of someone else’s negligence and you will be compensated for your troubles. Here are some cases where personal injury victims in Sweetwater can receive compensatory damages:

  • Bicycle accident in Sweetwater
  • Slip and fall accidents in Sweetwater
  • Sweetwater wrongful deaths
  • Back pain after car accident
  • Neck pain after car accident
  • Uber/lyft accidents in Sweetwater
  • Medical malpractice in Sweetwater

These are just some examples that could reward you with compensatory damages. There are tons of others that you can ask from a Sweetwater personal injury lawyer.

Professional Sweetwater Personal Injury Lawyer

Every personal injury case is different. They have small intricacies that only experienced and professional personal injury lawyers can catch. Thankfully, our firm has some of the best Sweetwater personal injury lawyers. They have great records in bargaining high amount of compensations for their clients and winning them with relative ease.

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