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West Miami Personal Injury Lawyers

Comfortably in between Tamiami Trail and Coral Way, West Miami is conveniently placed near many nice attractive cities such as Miami Beach and Coral Gables. Not to mention, it is right next to FIU, one of the largest universities in the state and also one of the most accomplished. With a great law program and overall affordable and stellar undergraduate program, there is no denying that Tamiami Trail is a great place to live in.

Tamiami Trail’s  main attraction is also that it is affordable and extremely convenient outside of the fact that it is near any of the nightlife hotspots in Miami. Apartments and townhouses in Tamiami Trail are affordable because of the majority of the renters and owners of homes being university students. Made to be attractive in price and commodity to the average university student, Tamiami Trail is popular destination and community for younger people. Only a few turns and you are on the highway straight to Miami Beach or Downtown. If you prefer a more chill and calm means of entertainment, then Coral Gables might be the place to go. Theaters and buildings with the influence from Europe, Coral Gables definitely has a more relaxed and slower life. Tamiami Trail, being close to both cities gives you the option to pick from either of the options.

Severe Personal Injury in West Miami

Injuries that stem from car accidents like back pain, neck pain and possibly broken and fractured bones are life-changing. Anything that requires injections or surgery can have a huge effect on your life. It can cause you to lose days at work or pay incredible medical bills. None of which that you want.

If you are being financially compromised by the injuries, but the accident that caused the injuries was from someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to financial compensation. Your pain and suffering shouldn’t go untreated and ignored.Get in touch with one of our personal injury lawyers in West Miami. We can have you with a FREE consultation and ready to get you your money back.

Being lawyers that practice torts law and being “no win no fee” lawyers, we don’t charge ANYTHING until we win you the case and the money you deserve. So don’t worry about paying anything until we reach an agreement and a win on your case. Everything is on us.

What Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Do For You

Our West Miami personal injury lawyers can serve a variety of cases. With more than 20 years serving in torts law and seeing many people injured and compensated, our lawyers know all the turns and bumps in the road. We make sure that you are always updated as to how your case is doing and everything is done to satisfy you. From the big list of personal injury cases that we solve, here is a small list: 

  • Truck accidents in West Miami
  • Car accidents in West Miami
  • Medical malpractice in West Miami
  • Work accidents in West Miami
  • Bicycle accidents in West Miami
  • Slip and fall accidents in West Miami
  • Uber/lyft accidents in West Miami
  • Motorcycle accidents in West Miami

Waste no time in contacting one of our finest personal injury lawyers in West Miami. They can set you up with FREE consultation and a plan to move forward so that you can be medically and financially sound.


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    Our Mission

    As a personal injury law firm, our main goal is to serve the clients and get them back to full health. When you come to us with injuries, our main goal is to make sure that those are treated. Our second goal, which connects with our first goal, is to get your financial compensation if your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else. 

    Our People

    My team is ready to serve you. With already 20+ years working in the industry and winning our cases, we keep gaining experience as we keep serving you and making sure that you are taken care of. Do not hesitate to call us at 305-680-5161 or contact us. Our team is ready to serve you and is always ready to take a case.

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    My team is always on standby. Whether you have a concern during the middle of the day or night, contact us and we will be sure to give you a response in no time. 24/7 on call team that is always ready to answer whatever question you have.