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What You Need to Know After a Truck Accident

Trucks are pretty scary vehicles. 

18 wheelers that look menacing when you drive anywhere near them.

Trucks carrying thousands of pounds of load. 

It can drive anyone crazy to drive next to them.

Even me, I have a pretty big SUV, and that isn’t enough to make my fear of driving next to a truck go away.

Truck accidents happen and kill about 4700 people annually. Although that number sounds small, since there are millions of people on the road every day, it is actually devastating because of the nature of trucks.

The trucks are big and going at the same speed you are. Imagine a rhino hitting a dog. The dog is you, and the rhino is the truck. Yeah, sounds pretty scary right?

Basically, you don’t want to be a victim of a truck accident. Getting hit by a truck can be life-changing and possibly cause you to have to take a backstep in life both financially and medically. 

From anything as small as neck pain and back pain, there could be dire consequences. Just because the outside of your body looks fine, doesn’t mean the rest of your body is okay. Especially from something as big as a truck accident, your body could possibly be messed up big time inside. 

How To Avoid Truck Accidents

While driving, especially on the highway, you will come to encounter trucks. Trucks of all sizes. From something as normal as a pickup truck to something as scary and large as a semi, you will encounter all kinds of trucks on the road. 

So what are the best ways to avoid a truck accident?

Well, here are 4 ways you can definitely lower your chances of getting into an accident with a truck.

Avoid Blind Spots

Blind spots are actually quite hard to avoid, but these tips should at least give you some guidance as to what you can do to do your part.

The first thing to avoid is driving right next to the truck. By this, I mean that you shouldn’t drive and cruise right alongside the truck. If the point is to avoid trucks, then that won’t do you any good. Since trucks are long, the blind spot is larger, so if you want to pass a truck or have to drive next to a truck, make sure it isn’t for that long. 

The second thing is the distance. 30 feet behind the truck and 20 feet in front of the truck are blind spots. Try to avoid those spots as well.

Be Careful When Passing The Truck

Of course, you will find yourself in a situation where you can pass the truck. What should you do then? Do you just stay behind? What should you do?

Well, during the passing of a truck, you should always try to pass on the truck’s left lane. There, the driver of the commercial truck has a better chance of seeing you since they are close to their side-view mirror. 

Don’t rush the merging, but also don’t take your sweet time. The key is to take your time enough to stay safe during the passing, but also not rush to the point that you compromise the driver in the truck.

Be Considerate of the Driver And Give Space

When driving next to a truck, you might be tempted to drive quickly and dart your way out. But don’t drive like that.

Rushing and driving far or too close can result in other accidents. You don’t want to be a part of that. Rushing and not maintaining proper distance while driving can lead to things like sudden braking, tires blowing out, and bad reaction to high winds.

In terms of giving space, you have to think that the lane next to the truck is already taken. Because the blind spots in truck drivers are so big, it is very hard to actually gauge where the actual blind spot is. To be safe, keep a lane between you and a truck driver. Unless it is completely necessary, don’t drive next to a truck driver. 

Avoid Distractions

If you think you will be driving near a truck, or in an area where there are lots of trucks, I highly recommend that you stay off any distractions.

Let’s be real about this situation. Lots of you guys text and drive. Sometimes, you are on the phone with someone. There is no denying that.

So, as a personal injury lawyer, for your safety I want to say that you guys should stop doing anything while you drive that will take your eyes off the road. 

However, I know that most of you guys will probably not do that and continue with your driving habits, I want you guys to at least stay off any distractions near trucks. Trucks can be as wide as the lane itself and leave almost no space for mistakes when it comes to driving. Don’t be reckless and make sure to stay off that phone when you are driving, especially near a truck. 

What Do I Do After a Truck Accident?

At this point, you should make sure that you are not injured.

Check your body and make sure that there is nothing missing or anything that hurts when you move. 

Neck pain and back pain are very common pains that come after an accident. 

Make sure that you are first medically cleared. 

Next, you have to make sure you contact a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyer will make sure that you are not medically cleared, but also financially compensated for your pain and suffering. 

If the truck driver was the one at fault and caused the truck accident, why should you have to pay for the accident? Why should you pay for the medical bills that were caused by someone else? Don’t get caught in that kind of sticky situation. Call our team and get checked out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Ideally, you will want to hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as you get injured. If you are injured and your body is in pain, why wait and live with the pain? That makes no sense. You want to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. If you have more questions contact us

That depends on how badly you were injured. People joke around about “I wish I got hit by a car” or “If I slip and fall here, I’m gonna make a fortune”. Although that is possible, it is not always possible. They are jokes for a reason. You will make as much as you are owed. If it is just a scratch, then you will not be compensated much. If you had to have major surgery and are going through rehab, then you will make MUCH more than just a simple scratch or small bump.

As a personal injury lawyer in Miami, what I do is make sure that you make your money back (maybe even more) from whatever damages you sustained. If someone else caused your injuries, then you have to contact us and consult with our team. We will make sure that you are taken care of. My job is to see if your current situation is actually someone else’s fault and if you can get your money back for the treatment you went or are going through.

We will represent all kinds of cases, from car accidents and work accidents, to truck accidents and uber/lyft accidents. 

If you’re unsure if we can represent your case, give us a call at 305-680-5161 to get a FREE consultation and more information on your case.


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