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Does A Camera Help In A Car Accident In Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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Car accidents can get murky and complicated.

That’s just a given. 

No one wants to be at fault for a car accident in Miami. 

Being at fault can lead to the person at fault to have to pay a majority of the costs of the injuries and eventually could lead down a rabbit hole.

Determining that fault is actually what takes car accident cases so long to resolve. More than anything, it is determining who is really at fault for the injuries of another party. Conflicting stories, lack of evidence, and failure to prove either side can make determining fault in a car accident case hard. 

This is why proof and evidence like cameras and video surveillance are critical and accelerate the progress of a case.
If you or a loved one got injured in a car accident in Miami and are struggling to find ways to prove your side, a car accident lawyer in Miami can help you solve that case. 

Contacting A Car Accident Lawyer in Miami

The most difficult and confusing part about car accidents in Miami is that people don’t know where to start. In fact, even YOU probably don’t know where to start.

Should you call the police?

Should you call the state?

Where do I even get the camera footage?

Is there even camera footage?

These are all questions that are legitimate and quite common when you have never dealt with the complexities of a car accident in Miami.

A car accident lawyer in Miami with the proper experience and professionality can acquire these pieces of evidence. They will know who to call and where to call to get the video evidence for your case.

Public Traffic Cameras

This is the FIRST place an experienced car accident lawyer will look for evidence. Traffic cameras are very common, especially in Miami. Accidents happen daily in Miami, and with most of the accidents happening at intersections, traffic cameras are placed at these intersections and hotspots to make sure that whenever an accident DOES happen, there is video footage to see what ACTUALLY happened.

Getting the footage for a car accident is actually not as easy as just asking for the video and getting it sent to your email in a day or two. Cameras are owned by the government, and this means that the car accident lawyer must ask the state to legally acquire the footage. This may be in the form of a subpoena or an actual request to the state. 

Private Traffic Cameras

Traffic cameras are not always owned by the government or the state. Sometimes, traffic cameras are under the ownership of private companies like news stations. News stations will also pick hotspots and intersections where there is a high congestion and concentration of cars to put their cameras. They do this so that they can have the fastest reporting of any accident that happens at an intersection. If there is no government owned traffic cameras in an area or if the government owned traffic cameras aren’t enough to provide sufficient evidence, the next step would be to look for the private traffic cameras owned by third parties

Dashboard Cameras or Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras, aka dash cams, are also a method of getting evidence as to what really happened during the car accident in Miami. In most cases, cars have black boxes and dash cams that provide a 1st person perspective as to what happened during the event. However, these are limited in vision since they ONLY show the perspective of the driver when they are facing forward. It is impossible to get what happened on either side. 

Security Cameras

Security cameras from buildings and businesses in the accident area can provide valuable video footage to assist your car accident case. In many cases, these security cameras can get clips and bits and pieces of the accident that can fill in missing pieces of the footage. Sometimes, the security cameras from buildings and businesses that are unrelated to any news company or government entity can provide the whole picture of the accident.

Police Dashboard Cameras or Police Dash Cams

Police dashboard cameras also provide valuable information and evidence that can be helpful to your case. Sometimes, during the accident, a police car can be present by coincidence and have a first person view of what happened through their dash cam. If you believe that there was law enforcement near your area when you got in the car accident in Miami it is possible to ask the law enforcement to 

Witness Cameras

Witness cameras are random bystanders or pedestrians that are walking around may have a clip of the accident happening. Although it is very rare to actually get this as evidence since you have to know who was actually at the scene of the accident and also be able to contact them about getting that footage. This is the most difficult way of obtaining evidence since the other party may not want to reveal the video for personal reasons and simply just not wanting to get involved in a car accident case in Miami. 

How Can Camera Footage Benefit My Case?

Evidence is as hard as it comes. You have to really have physical proof that becomes evidence to your story. Hearsay and just words will only go so far in the face of a judge if the case goes to court. To get financial compensation for your injuries, there must be sufficient proof that the other party was in majority fault and caused the injuries. This is where video evidence plays a powerful role.

Victims of car accident injuries need to be able to prove that their injuries were in fact caused by the negligence of the other party, not their own. Whether this is to prove that the other party was texting and driving, calling and driving, or possibly even snoozing on the wheel, it is necessary to have proper evidence to back up your claim. 

Not only is it important to have proper evidence for a regular car accident, but camera footage can prove to be very useful for hit-and-runs as well. In many cases, hit-and-run accident victims don’t get the opportunity to get their money back because they don’t know how to get video evidence from a car that ran away. Getting a car accident lawyer is important for this one reason. 

Take Out The Middleman

If you want to truly take action into your own hands, go and look for a car accident lawyer on Google and be diligent with your search. This is the best way to get the result you want for your car accident. 

Because of Google and modern day search engines, it is so easy to find a car accident lawyer in Miami. A quick search with the words “car accident lawyer near me” will give you all the car accident lawyers near your area. The next step is to check their Google reviews. Do they follow up? Do they reply to their Google reviews? Are the reviews generally good? These are all questions to consider when you are going through the Google My Business (GMB) of any law firm. 

After checking out the GMB of the law firm, the website is next. Make sure that their website is aligned with their GMB and that the address and telephone number is correct. Read a few blog posts of their website. See what the website is about and see if the content is good. How does the lawyer look? Does the lawyer look personable? Is the content good?

If the lawyer checks out all your boxes and you feel comfortable with what you see online, call them and get an appointment. From there, the ball is in your court. 

Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami Near Me

Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Miami can be a hassle. It can take up a large part of your time even when you’re going through the injuries. Look no further for a car accident lawyer in Miami. 

Our team of lawyers in Miami can give you the legal guidance you may need to deal with the injuries that you sustained. From something as minor as cuts and bruises to even the most devastating losses like wrongful death in Miami, any sort of loss sustained during a Miami car accident can be stressful to recover from. Losses that get too severe can result in bigger financial losses because of the inability to work or your loss of employment status (because you were gone for too long).
Don’t be alone when dealing with personal injuries as a result of a car accident in Miami. Call a Miami car accident lawyer and get a free consultation regarding your injuries. Jimmy De La Espriella will not only provide legal guidance for your car accident injuries, he and the rest of our lawyers will always be available to talk to for other questions and concerns regarding your injury. We are here for you and your health is our number one priority. 

We are a “no win no fee” law firm. If we don’t win, then you don’t get charged anything, all fees are on us until we win you your case. 

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella