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Almost Fatal Car Accidents in Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
Category: Personal Injury Blogs

Car accidents in Miami are so common, it is accurate to say that it is a daily occurrence. Even as I drive to work, I see at least one or two car accidents on the local streets or the highway. There is no avoiding it in Miami. 

Just in 2017 alone, there were a little over 65,000 car accidents. From those 65,000 car accidents, there were 32,000 injuries. Compared to the injury statistics, only 285 deaths were the direct result of a car accident. 

However, of the 32,000 injuries, how many do you think were nearly fatal? That we will never know, since it is hard to determine factually. But nonetheless, injuries are injuries and they can be compromising to your life. 

What Can I Lose in Almost Fatal Car Accidents

In car accidents that are nearly fatal, the injuries can be life threatening and compromising. The losses you can suffer from an almost fatal car accident can be:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Possible death
  • Outstanding medical bills
  • Future medical bills and expenses
  • Possible loss of income and wages
  • Loss in quality of life and enjoyment of life
  • Possible death

Although this seems far-fetched and puts fear out, it is actually much better to be careful and aware of the possible consequences that can result from a car accident. 

Having a 3,000 pound piece of metal fly at you at 60 mph is no joke. It can lead to the losses I mentioned above or even worse.

How Long Do I Have to Claim a Near Fatal Car Accident

After getting in a near fatal car accident in Miami, you have up to 4 years to file a claim. From the date that the fatal car accident in Miami happened, there are 4 years to file a claim. It doesn’t mean that you have to necessarily WAIT for 4 years to get any sort of money. In Florida, because we are a no-fault state, each driver will file the claim under their own insurance company, but the at-fault party’s insurance will pay for the damages. 

Car Accident Lawyers in Miami 

Our team at Accident Lawyers MIA has the decades of experience to help you through the legal process of getting your financial compensation. 

If your bodily injuries were caused by another driver’s negligence, then you may get the financial compensation that you deserve. 

Negligence is a failure to uphold your duty of acting safely and carefully. This especially goes for driving. Negligence can be things like: 

  • Looking away from the street while driving
  • Texting and driving
  • Calling and driving
  • Falling asleep on the wheel

These are the most common cases of negligence while driving. If you feel like the other party’s driver was doing any of these, then give us a call now. 

We start you with a free consultation to hear your side of the story and see how we can provide value to you. From there, we will start gathering evidence to build you a strong case for financial compensation.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella