Are Miami Drivers Actually Bad

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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When you hear Miami, you think of beaches, partying, and fast cars. Those are normally the 3 things that pop into your head.

Miami is all about the fast life and it shows in the lifestyle. However, this fast lifestyle also leads to daily car accidents. To say that car accidents happen on a daily basis is not an exaggeration. There are literally car accidents everyday in Miami whether it’s on the highway or local streets. But the real question is, are Miami drivers and car accident statistics as bad as they are made to seem? 

Let’s delve deeper into the statistics and see what’s going on. 

Car Accident Statistics Miami vs The Rest

Although I would like to report differently, according to multiple sources, Miami is the county in Florida with the most car accidents. Following closely behind is Broward county and Orange county respectively. Just in the first 10 months of 2018 alone, there were almost 52,000 car accidents in Miami. But the problem isn’t just the property damage that arises from the car accidents. Obviously property damage from a car accident can result in several hundred to thousands in property damage. It might even possibly end up in a total loss. But more important than the actual vehicle is the life of the person in it. In almost any calendar year, about 35% of car accidents result in bodily injury. In addition to that statistic, there are about 290 fatalities that are directly caused by car accidents. 

The scary part is that this is only involving other motor vehicle operators. So this is only counting car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents. 

Car Accidents Involving Bicycles in Miami

Although the numbers aren’t as bad as regular car accident statistics, it is still concerning. Miami is a hotspot for biking, especially across the bridge in Key Biscayne. However, it is also a hub for accidents involving cars and bicycles. In 2014 there were 989 bicycle accidents involving another vehicle and resulted in 18 deaths. However, in 2017 there were 805 bicycle accidents involving another vehicle and that resulted in 14 deaths. So to be fair, the accidents have been decreasing and so have the fatalities, but to say that Miami  is a great state to bike in is far from the truth. The roads are very wide and speed limits are rarely under 40 mph, which gives leeway for irresponsible drivers to drive even faster. Wide roads and high speed limits are very beneficial to the drivers of motor vehicles, but they are dangerous for pedestrians and bicycles. 

Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians in Miami

Similar to bicycle accidents in Miami involving another motor vehicle, pedestrians that are involved in accidents with motor vehicles are nowhere near as alarming as the number of accidents that involve two or more motor vehicle operators, 

In Miami, on average there are about 1,500 pedestrian accidents that result in about 70 fatalities. 

If the Miami roads were dangerous for the average bicyclist, then it is safe to say it is two times as deadly for the average pedestrian. 

The wide roads and high speed limits make it easy for drivers to miss pedestrians crossing the street or make it too easy for drivers to go at high speeds and miss the pedestrians. Although in most cases pedestrians have the right of way when it comes to crossing the street properly, it doesn’t mean that they are exempt from car accidents. In fact, because pedestrians are so overlooked, even these rules are a little useless because the roads themselves are just not the best for pedestrians.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer for Negligent Driving in Miami

Negligent driving may not always end up in a car accident, but a grand majority of car accidents are caused by negligent driving. Whether it is excessive speeding, texting and driving, or even falling asleep on the wheel. These are all reasons as to why there could be a car accident in Miami.

If you or a loved one is a victim of personal injury that was from a car accident that was caused directly by negligent driving, give our personal injury lawyers in Miami a call. 

We give you an absolutely free consultation that will allow us to hear what happened to you and see how we can be of service to you. Once we determine that we can help you, our team will immediately start gathering evidence to build you a solid case. This includes evidence like medical bills and photos to bring out for the case. 

Remember, we don’t win until you win.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella