Car Accidents During and After the Coronavirus

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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From the month of March to the month of June, there were serious mandatory lockdowns that were happening in the state of Florida and in the city of Miami. The only people that were allowed to really work were essential workers. This led to the streets becoming completely barren and empty. It was almost like everyone disappeared and civilization was cut down to a third of what it was.

This allowed for clearer roads and less traffic for the essential workers that were going to work during supposed “peak times” during the coronavirus. Because there are less cars on the road, it is safe to say that car accident statistics dropped. There were less car accidents and less deaths that were a result of a car accident in Miami.  However, there are still some topics of concern. Because there were so little cars on the road, it encouraged reckless driving and speeding. Since there really is nothing stopping the roads from being congested or teeming with cars, it really inherently encouraged that kind of behavior.

In some cities, the injury and death statistics went down. However, in some, it stayed the same, and if interpreted differently, one could say the deaths actually went up. 

Driving Safe During a Pandemic

Although this isn’t the most conventional time to drive, it really is no different from driving during regular or normal conditions. The coronavirus does not inherently force someone to drive recklessly or even in a manner that is dangerous. That is all on the individual choice of the driver. The driving rules and safety precautions stay the same regardless if there is a pandemic or not. 

Some safety tips that drivers can all follow are:

  • Drive the speed limit or just above it.
    • Although this sounds counterintuitive, there are studies that show that driving UNDER the speed limit is actually more dangerous than driving above the speed limit with the same standard deviation. However, this doesn’t mean that you should speed and just run through the streets. 
  • Stay a safe distance from other cars. I know, there is a temptation for you to drive like speed racer and just zoom through everything and just rip through everyone. But that is by far the best way to get in an accident. Some drivers are unaware of their surroundings or slower to react. So the speed at which you drive may surprise other drivers and elicit a slow reaction to your driving. 

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Author: Jimmy De La Espriella