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Drowsy Driving in Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
Category: Personal Injury Blogs

Distracted driving is the main and biggest cause of car accidents in Miami and that is without question. Texting and driving, calling and driving, even talking while driving. These are all reasons as to why there are so many car accidents in Miami, but what about drowsy driving? Sleep-deprived people are very common in a world that offers too much entertainment and not enough time to enjoy them. Especially now with so many social media outlets and distractions on the internet, getting distracted at night and sleeping at 3am is a common occurrence. So how badly does drowsiness and sleep deprivation affect drivers?

Drowsiness While Driving

According to CBS Miami, drowsy driving can cause 1 in 5 fatal car crashes in Miami. What does that really mean? If there are 5 deadly car accidents in Miami, 1 of them will be as a result of a sleep-deprived driver. 

In fact, according to the AAA, when people lose 1 or 2 hours off their regular sleep schedule (so if they don’t get the recommended 7 hours), their risk of a car accident doubles. Regularly getting 4-5 hours of sleep (at night) is almost the same thing as driving legally drunk (in the brain). The AAA suggests taking naps if you are drowsy and having to commute long trips and that if you’re going on road trips or extended drives, taking a nap or a break every 2 hours is a good way to alleviate the fatigue and tiredness. 

Potential Losses from Drowsy Driving

Driving while you’re sleepy can cause a plethora of problems. But worse than driving drowsy is when you’re the victim of serious personal injuries because someone ELSE decided to drive while drowsy. 

Drowsy driving can cause so many problems to you, if you are the victim of course. Drowsy driving can result in all kinds of losses to both driver and vehicle. Things such as:

  • Expensive medical bills
  • Property damage or totaled vehicle
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Possible death

These aren’t the only losses that you will suffer, but these are the most common losses that you will suffer. You don’t have to go through this alone though. A personal injury lawyer from Miami can help you get legal guidance for financial compensation. 

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer For Injuries Caused by Drowsy Driving

Clearly, drowsy driving is a hazard to the roads. If you or a loved one are a victim of drowsy driving and are suffering the losses, a personal injury lawyer from Miami can help you. 

Our personal injury lawyers in Miami start you with a free consultation. During that time, we will hear out the details about the car accident you went through in Miami and how you are dealing with the pain. After, if we determine that we can be of help to you, we will start gathering evidence such as photos and more details of the accident to build you a solid case. 

Our team is not afraid or hesitant to file suit. If that is what we need to do to get you the financial compensation, we will pursue that. 

Our team is contingency based and we don’t charge a single penny until we win you the case. We will only be paid when YOU get paid.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella