Most Dangerous Roads in Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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To be fair, there is no such thing as a dangerous road. Unless the road is actually littered with potholes, uneven lanes, and other dangerous factors, there is no such thing as a road being dangerous. What makes the road dangerous is the drivers. In Miami, that is the case. Lots of roads in Miami are notorious for being hotspots where drivers get into many accidents, but although lots of roads in Miami may not be in the best condition, they are actually very safe to drive in. What makes these roads dangerous is negligent driving.

The most dangerous roads in Miami are 8th Street, the Turnpike highway, and 88th Street. Not only are these the most traffic congested roads in Miami, they are also where the most accidents happen. 88th street has one of the most congested streets ever along with lots of construction near the entrance to the Turnpike. It is literally a recipe for disaster. 

On the other hand, 8th Street can span up to two entrances for two major highways. You can enter the Turnpike and the 826 through 8th street, making it a highly congested road. On top of that, the exit for FIU (Florida International University), is on 8th Street, making it quickly one of the most traffic congested roads ever. 

Finally, the Turnpike. It is literally THE highway in Miami. Almost everyone goes through that highway as a way to work, the beach, the next city, etc. Because of how useful it is, the Turnpike gets the MOST traffic and has the most drivers on any given road in Miami. This also leads to lots of accidents and injuries on that highway.

How Can I Avoid Accidents on These Roads?

Controlling the actions of another person is impossible. You cannot depend on someone else to drive as attentive as you, however, you can do your part and make sure that you are driving to your best ability. 

Make sure that your phone is off, paying attention to the road, and driving at an acceptable and legal speed limit. 

Essentially, doing your part is not impossible, but making sure that EVERYONE is driving the way you do is impossible. 

So in the case that I do get in an accident, what should I do?

This is where you would need a personal injury lawyer.

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

A personal injury lawyer from Miami will fight for your financial compensation. Our team is well equipped with lawyers that have decades of experience in fighting personal injury cases, hundreds of cases won in a variety of personal injury cases, and also served hundreds of people and made sure that they got the financial compensation that they deserve. 

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Author: Jimmy De La Espriella