Should I Always Call 911 After a Miami Car Accident?

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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The short answer is yes. If there was any kind of damage to your body or vehicle (or both), calling 911 is the only logical answer. 911 doesn’t necessarily mean that you are calling the ambulance or emergency services. 911, in most cases, means that you are calling the police to get a police report on the car accident in Miami. A police report will become crucial when you are calling your insurance company for financial compensation for damages because they will ask you for the police report. 

Why is a Police Report Important After a Car Accident?

A police report is a document that the police give you that tells you who was at fault during the accident and who committed the traffic violation. 

The reason that getting this is important is because it gives the insurance companies, adjusters, and lawyers the law enforcement’s perspective on who is at fault. The police report becomes the standard at which they determine fault and possibly be the reason that they do or don’t give you financial compensation. 

In almost any accident that has resulted in damage that requires repair (bodily injury, property damage, etc) the police report becomes the tool that will determine fault. Once the insurance companies, adjusters, or lawyers determine fault, they will move on to giving you financial compensation. 

What if I Don’t Have the Police Report?

Well there are two reasons as to why you may not have one, but not having a police report is never good. 

The only reason you don’t have a police report is because both parties mutually agreed to not call the police. In most cases, the reason why either party will not call the police is because:

  1. There is no visible damage. Since there is no visible damage and nothing to fix, both parties agree to not call the police and complicate things.
  2. You forget to call the police and cannot get the police report anymore.

Without a police report, it may be more difficult to get financial compensation for your injuries and damages. Since there is no central authority’s perspective on who’s fault the accident is, it is up to the lawyers and people involved in the accident to determine who is at fault for the accident. This may prove to become a longer process because there is no police report. 

Next Step After a Police Report or Car Accident in Miami

If you or a loved one was seriously injured after a car accident, the next step would be possibly get legal guidance from a personal injury lawyer and get their expert advice on what the next steps should be. 

The complications in a personal injury case can be endless and dragged on for a long time. Instead of dealing with both the long process of getting financial compensation and healing from your personal injuries, let a personal injury lawyer from Miami help you deal with the legal portion of it. 

We start you off with a free consultation to hear how the accident happened, your injuries, and more parts of the story to start you a strong case for personal injury. From there, once we determine that we can help you and provide value to you, our team will immediately start gathering evidence like photos and medical bills to have enough evidence to file suit in the case that your settlement isn’t enough to satisfy what you may deserve. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win. Our payment and fees are only accomplished when you win the case.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella