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What Can a Car Wreck Lawyer Do For Me?

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
Category: Personal Injury Blogs

When you get in a car wreck in Miami, it leaves you in shock and you have no idea what to do next. Actually, a car accident in Miami at any time will leave you in shock no matter what. Colliding with another vehicle and seeing the damage to your vehicle is not an everyday thing that people are used to seeing. If you have been in so many car accidents that you are used to the event happening, you may have an entirely different issue at hand. 

So for the people that are recovering from a car wreck in Miami and are wondering what the next step is, I am here to try and help you. 

Next Step After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, the standard procedure is to call your insurance and report the accident, give them the rundown of the accident and proceed with getting your special damages fixed.

However, if you are severely injured and the damage amount exceeds a certain figure, the insurance company may be hesitant to pay for full damages.

Why? Aren’t they SUPPOSED to pay for the damages that I went through? They are insurance after all, right?

Although that is true and insurance companies are SUPPOSED to work in good faith and cover you to the best of their ability, they are also businesses after all and they must also look out for themselves. So, they will cover you but they will do what they can to cut costs here and there. It doesn’t mean that they will refuse coverage for your injuries, but without evidence or proof that you were actually injured, they will not cover you solely through hearsay and your own word.

What Can a Car Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

Although car accident lawyers in Miami get a bad rep for being frauds or people that just hunt for PIP and settle for small amounts to get it over with, our car accident lawyers are not like that and will work to get you the financial compensation that you deserve. We do not settle for amounts that WE think are appropriate, we always settle for what YOU deserve and the damages that you went through. 

From medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more, we make sure to hear out all the damages that you went through and find financial compensation that will keep you satisfied for the pain and suffering you went through. 

Why a Car Accident Lawyer in Miami?

A car accident lawyer in Miami can take some of the stress off your back. 

Dealing with adjusters, lawyers, and insurance companies can become hassling and make your pain and suffering even worse.

Imagine after a car accident you are still gravely injured and in serious pain and you still have to call lawyers and adjusters and explain that your pain and suffering is quantified in X amount, but keep getting offered lower sums than you think you deserve. 

This process can get dragged out for the longest time and can actually add to your pain suffering (from the car accident). 

This is where a car accident lawyer comes in and possibly can help you.

Having a professional on your side, guiding you through the complications of getting financial compensation from insurance companies and lawyers will alleviate the stress.

Unless you are well versed in torts law or car accident cases, the complications of the law and specificities will most definitely discourage you. Even if you are well versed in the law, if your damages are extensive and might possibly cost the insurance company a hefty sum, there is a good chance that the process will get dragged out. 

Instead of being a jack of all trades and balancing work, the case, life, and your injuries all at once, give some of the work to a professional. A car accident lawyer in Miami will make your life much more bearable as they will handle the case and represent you to the fullest extent. We will do our best to make sure that your full financial compensation is achieved and if it isn’t achieved by the insurance companies, we are not afraid to move on and file suit. 

We start you with a free consultation to get the full rundown on what happened to you and to hear how we can help you. Once we determine that we can help you and provide the proper legal guidance, we will proceed and immediately start gathering evidence such as photos and medical bills. 

We don’t charge a single dollar until we win you the case, so do not worry about costs until the end. We don’t win until you win.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella