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What is a Hit and Run Accident

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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A hit-and-run accident, according to HG Legal, is defined as an accident that involves two people, but one of the people leaves the scene of the accident without leaving any contact information to help the other person involved in the accident. 

This is the official definition, but examples of hit-and-run accidents are when someone hits a parked car and leaves or when a driver hits a pedestrian and runs away. 

What To Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

At first, hit-and-runs can seem hopeless. 

The person that hit you has disappeared and there is no way to get the contact information. Your car is in shambles and you feel pain everywhere. 

What is the next step? 

Here are a few easy steps to follow 

  1. Call the police and file a police report. This should be the first step to recovering from a car accident. Give the police your side of the story and get the police report. Having a police report is critical and can prove to be the deciding factor sometimes in getting your financial compensation during the claims process. 
  2. Get medical attention (if needed). Injuries are not obvious at first, but as time passes, there could be injuries that surface. If you are feeling any sort of pain after the accident, the first thing that you should do is get medical attention for your injuries. 
  3. Compile as much information from the other driver. Chasing the driver and trying to get their attention is the last thing you want to do. The driver could be off their rocker and get violent. It is not your job to stop the driver, but it is your job to do your best to get as much contact information. If you were hit while you were in the car, at least getting the license plate number will help your case. 
    1. Another thing you can do is to see if anyone else witnessed the hit-and-run accident. Sometimes, there are people that witnessed the accident and getting statements can also help during the claims process. 
  4. Take pictures of the accident. Take pictures of the road, the surrounding area, and the accident itself. 

Insurance Claims for your Injuries from a Hit-and-Run Accident

When filing for a hit-and-run accident, without the other driver’s contact information and insurance policy, you will end up filing the accident under your own insurance. 

If the hit-and-run accident was not your fault, most insurance policies will waive the deductible and allow you to proceed in fixing your car. 

In Florida, because of the “no fault” policy, you can file the accident under your insurance to get your damages repaired. 

However, if the driver that hit you can be found, then the accident can be filed under their policy if it was their fault. If the damages exceed a certain amount, you can file suit against the other driver to get your full financial compensation. 

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Miami for Hit and Run Accidents

The complications of filing a claim for a hit-and-run accident is different than most accidents. Without an opposing party, it may seem daunting to pursue a case. 

Our team of personal injury lawyers from Accident Lawyers MIA have decades of experience and have won millions for our clients.

From the simplest of car accidents to the most complicated slip and fall accidents, our team has dealt with all of them. 

We start with a free consultation to hear out your side of the story. Once we have heard your side and determine we can provide value to you, we will go ahead and start gathering evidence and photos to build you a strong case. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella