What is PIP?

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When dealing with insurance companies and agents, the word PIP will be thrown around a lot. PIP (aka “no fault” insurance) stands for personal injury protection. It basically is an extension of the regular car insurance and it is meant to cover medical insurance, lost wages, and other losses. The reason why PIP is also called “no fault” insurance is because it will fully cover you for your expenses and losses independent of the fact that you were or were not responsible for the accident. 

Florida being a “no fault” state, has PIP insurance. However, this doesn’t mean that all states offer the same PIP benefits. Make sure you know what your state offers in PIP. In some states, some forms of medicine and physical therapy may be covered, while in some others they may not be covered. For example, according to Coverhound, in Utah, acupuncture is a valid way of treatment that is covered. However, in California, acupuncture is NOT a valid way of treatment that is covered.

Is PIP Good?

PIP has its good and bad side. 

The best part about PIP is that it lets you receive immediate medical attention without a question. If you seek medical attention within 14 days of the accident, it will most likely be covered. Although only specific medical providers provide PIP, you can call your insurance provider and see a list of PIP medical providers so that you are in the know. To also qualify for PIP, your treatment has to be deemed an emergency medical condition or EMC. Once your condition is deemed as an EMC, then you can file the treatment under your PIP insurance provider. This claim is also known as a “demand letter” which is basically just a letter that you are filing and also the monetary amount that you are asking for your injuries. 

The bad side to PIP though, is that drivers that are not at fault can lose their right to sue the at-fault driver. Obviously, you don’t actually lose the ability to sue. There are certain guidelines and requirements for a driver to sue while still under PIP. This process can get complicated and we suggest that you seek legal assistance

What is the Time Limit to Filing Under PIP?

The time limit or statute of limitations to filing PIP can be confusing. Generally, to file a claim, Florida gives the driver 5 years. This is however, only for PIP. For filing a general suit for car accident injuries, the time limit is 4 years. Compared to other states, Florida is quite lax and easygoing with the time limit for filing suit.

But for serious injuries and heavier bills, the statute of limitations might be different and could be shorter.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer from Accident Lawyers MIA for PIP Guidance

With a serious injury and the confusing twists and turns in trying to get your money back, the entire process might just seem like a dog chasing its own tail.

Trying to fight through the lawyers, adjusters, and insurance agents that are trying to offer different amounts and settle you for the least amount of money as possible, rightfully, you will be confused. 

Our personal injury lawyers at Accident Lawyers MIA are here only for you. Our team has compiled decades of experience and has won hundreds of cases in that time period. Not to mention, our first priority is always you. We want to make sure that YOU are healed from your injuries and ready to attack life once again. 

We start you with a free consultation so that we know what you are going through and how we can build you a solid case. From that foundation, we start to gather evidence such as pictures, medical bills, and lost income. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win. 

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella