What Should I Say After a Car Accident in Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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One of the most important things after a car accident is actually what you say. Your words hold meaning after a car accident, since they can allude to who is at fault after a car accident. Fault is one of the most important factors to consider in a car accident. Without determining fault, there is no way to actually point the finger and get money from the party responsible.

Don’t Say “I’m Sorry” After a Miami Car Accident

When you say “I’m sorry” you’re actually implying that you did something wrong.

Think about it.

You would only apologize if you did something wrong. In the case of a car accident in Miami, the “something wrong” is the actual car accident. So apologizing for the car accident in Miami will imply that you were at fault for the car accident. 

Don’t Admit Fault After a Miami Car Accident

After a Miami car accident, never admit fault. This doesn’t mean that you outright say that it’s your fault, but saying things like “my bad” or “i’m so sorry” can lead to misunderstandings in determining fault. Although this sounds like a very reasonable thing to follow and even sounds weird that this has to be said, the situation and the high stress of the event can cause you to say things that you probably didn’t mean to say.

Don’t Say That You Are Fine

Yes, saying that you are fine or that you are okay means that you are not injured in most cases. If you are actually injured, you would probably not say that you are fine or that you are okay. Although it seems like the polite or kind thing to do, it is actually a backwards step in your case if it is recorded. 

Don’t Post on Social Media

This is the biggest thing. Going on social media and posting about the accident is a big back step. Going on social media and showing all your followers about the accident is basically telling a story. If your story on social media is different from the one you told the police, doctors, adjusters, or lawyers then you could have a complicated case on your hands. For example, your friend might ask you on Instagram: “Hey, I heard you got in a car accident, how are you feeling?”. Let’s say you respond to this with: “Thanks for the concern, I’m doing fine”. But in reality you are in the hospital bedridden and only said this so no one has to know what the details are. “I’m doing fine” assumes or implies that you are not actually injured, or not injured enough to admit you are in pain. This can create inconsistencies.

Why Should I Hire a Miami Car Accident Lawyer?

A Miami car accident lawyer will take your side and also give you all the steps that you need to have a good case for financial compensation. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident in Miami, our car accident lawyer Jimmy De La Espriella can take care of you and give you the proper legal guidance that you will need.

During the recovery of a car accident, there is so much stress and physical pain, there is no reason to deal with adjusters and other lawyers that are trying to haggle down your financial compensation. Instead, let us handle the case and you can deal with recovering from your injuries. Just recovering from your injuries can take a toll on your body. Let a car accident lawyer in Miami take your case and fight for your financial compensation.

Call a Miami car accident lawyer for a free consultation. During the free consultation, there will be an opportunity to talk about the details of your car accident injury and what is the next step to deal with your injuries.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella