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What To Do After a Car Accident That Was Your Fault

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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While you’re driving in Miami, getting into an accident may be inevitable. It happens to almost everyone. Of course, there are good drivers that almost never seem to get into car accidents in Miami, but it is rare.

In literally ALL car accidents, there is someone at fault, and someone NOT at fault. Sometimes, it can be YOU to be at fault. If that is the case, what should you do?

Lots of people panic and immediately go crazy. They start worrying about the many factors such as insurance premiums, repair costs, lawsuits, etc. These are all viable reasons as to why one SHOULD worry about being at fault for a car accident, but it is not the whole story. 

What To Do When You Are At Fault

You are found at fault AFTER the accident.

The first step is to never admit fault at the scene.

Even if you really think you are the one in the wrong, never admit fault until you get the police report AND the verdict from the insurance company. By prematurely admitting fault without the backing of the authorities, you may be jeopardizing your potential to make your money back on the special damages. 

The law when it comes to personal injury is not always black and white. Even if you think you hit someone, according to the law, you may in fact have NOT hit them. The first rule in any accident is to never admit fault.

However, if you ARE found at fault after everything is said and done and damages are due, there is still nothing too severe to worry about. That is, if the person is not injured. If you were found to be at fault of the accident and there was negligence involved from YOUR end, then there could be some serious damages to pay for.

But those are quite rare cases and don’t happen often enough to make a case for them.

If you ARE found at fault though, because Florida is a no-fault state, the insurance companies will take care of you. No-fault state doesn’t mean that there is no one at fault, but it means more like it doesn’t matter WHO is at fault. Whether you or the other party is at fault, there will always be coverage up to a certain amount. This makes things much easier, since it means you can get coverage immediately for damages that just happened. 

What Happens To My Insurance After I’m Found At Fault?

Obviously, if you are found at fault, your insurance premiums will shoot up.

This is an obvious chain reaction.If you are found at fault, which means you are mostly responsible for the accident, then your insurance company will obviously find you less safe to drive on the road. 

So how do you fix this? Simply put, don’t get into another accident.

Stay attentive on the road, mind other drivers, and make sure that you are driving at an appropriate speed limit at all times. 

An insurance premium can be hefty depending on the damage you caused. If it’s a small scratch or maybe a bumper replacement, the chances that the insurance premium is that much higher is slim. However, if you caused bodily injury, property damage, and other long-term damages, the chances are that your insurance premium will shoot through the sky. 

Can I Be Sued If I Am At Fault?

Just because you are at fault, doesn’t mean you will necessarily be sued. It is actually unlikely unless you caused severe bodily injury and damages to the other party. In most cases, your insurance will cover most of the property damage and you will incur the cost through your insurance premiums. 

But if you DID cause bodily injury to the other party and now are going to be sued, what should you do?
This is when you call a personal injury lawyer. 

Our personal injury lawyers at Accident Lawyers MIA are here only for you. Our team has compiled decades of experience and has won hundreds of cases in that time period. Not to mention, our first priority is always you. We want to make sure that YOU are healed from your injuries and ready to attack life once again. 

We start you with a free consultation so that we know what you are going through and how we can build you a solid case. From that foundation, we start to gather evidence such as pictures, medical bills, and lost income. 

Remember, we don’t win until YOU win.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella