Why It’s Important To Pressure Clean in Miami

Posted by: Jimmy De La Espriella
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The way your building looks is an important aspect in getting business and overall keeping your customers coming back to your place. A dirty and worn down building will not attract customers and might even repel customers from checking out your services. 

For any pressure cleaning in Miami or roof cleaning in Miami, Picazzo Painting and Pressure Cleaning will provide excellent service and quality cleaning protocol. 

Located perfectly in the heart of Miami, Picazzo Painting and Pressure Cleaning is impossible to miss and no longer than 15 minutes from any major area in Miami. West Kendall, Coral Gables, Tamiami, or wherever you live, Picazzo Painting and Pressure Cleaning is right around the corner.

Established in 1995 by Jorge Lara, Picazzo Painting and Pressure Cleaning has provided unmatched service. It all started when Jorge Lara spotted how dirty the buildings in many cities in Miami were. Moldy, lackluster color, and/or peeling paint made the buildings unappealing to Jorge. From then on, Jorge decided to use his physical talents and creativity to help both big companies and small businesses clean and paint their exterior. 

Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Office Building?

Besides the very basic reason that keeping your business looking clean and kept will attract more customers, keeping your floors and roof maintained can prevent possible future accidents. Slip and falls, premise liability, poorly maintained environments are all reasons as to why accidents can happen. Although maintenance seems like a hassle or something to be pushed away until it’s absolutely necessary, painting and pressure cleaning your building/space is critical in running a successful business. Your floors can get dirty with the rain, dust, dirt, and other debris that can accumulate over time. The roof can get moldy and eventually leak the toxins and germs into the office, causing long term problems. This is why our car accident lawyers in Miami recommend regularly pressure cleaning, painting, and maintaining your office spaces regularly.

Accident Lawyers For Slip and Fall Accidents in Miami

If you or a loved one gets in a slip and fall accident in Miami, our attorneys from Accident Lawyers MIA can assist in the next steps for your case. Slip and fall accidents in Miami can produce gruesome injuries and setbacks that can affect your life for a long time. However, if your injury was caused by the negligence of a business, government entity, or any third party, you shouldn’t have to suffer AND pay. Filing suit and going through the legal procedure of getting your financial compensation can get complicated. It is not as easy as just asking for money. You must deal with insurance companies, agents, adjusters, and even lawyers from the other party. Remember that although insurance companies are supposed to act in their best interest to protect you and serve you, if your injuries are severe and cost the companies lots of money, they may try to undermine your injuries. This is where an accident lawyer from Miami  can help you. Our lawyers are experienced with the legal process of getting financial compensation for injuries caused by negligence. Let our team handle the legal process while you focus on getting back to health. 

Our firm works on a no win no fee principle. If we don’t win your case, the case is on us. We are that confident in our ability to litigate and win the case for you. Come in for a free consultation, call us at 305-680-5161. We don’t win until YOU win.

Author: Jimmy De La Espriella